Why Does The Mower Keep Tripping The Circuits? Clearly Explained!


Circuit tripping is one of the most prevalent problems for lawnmowers. It indicates that there’s something wrong with the machine’s components.

There are various causes for a constant tripping circuit in the lawn mower. I will discuss these issues in detail and provide you with simple, effective methods.

Why does the mower keep tripping the circuits? Follow the sections below, and I will show you a straightforward answer. 

Why Does The Mower Keep Tripping The Circuits?

Your mower will trip the circuits or breaker when it draws much electricity.

The breaker will trip to prevent overheating when your machine draws too much power, causing its circuitry to shut down. 

Your Mower Is Drawing Too Much Electrical Power

According to Ohm’s law, the electrical current drawn will correlate with the electrical resistance of the wires.

When the electrical resistance gets too high, it will generate heat and cause the mower’s machine and wires to overheat

Meanwhile, the breaker’s primary purpose is to prevent this overheating effect. 

When the mower draws too much energy and increases the electrical resistance, the breaker will shut down the device’s circuitry and cause it to trip.

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The Mowers Trip When They Overheat

Damaged Circuitry, Cable, Or Motor

The damaged components like the motor, switch, or cable inside your mower can cause its circuitry to trip.

Under the impacts of environmental elements,  the machine’s cables may get damaged and reduced in capacity. 

So, it cannot provide a sufficient or stable power supply for the engine and motor, leading to a tripping circuit.

Loose cable connections or malfunctioning switches are also potential culprits. 

If you inspect and find that all the mentioned components are operating well, it’s likely the faulty motor.

The hard materials and overheating effects can damage the machine’s motor and interrupt the system.

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An Overheating Electrical Circuit 

A tripping breaker may be caused by a short in the machine’s electrical circuit. The likely culprit is the overheating motor winding inside this component.

You can check for this problem by using a multimeter to measure the electrical resistance (Ohms).

First, link the meter probes with the power cord on its two prongs and switch on the mower. 

If the multimeter shows little to zero resistance, your motor is likely burned up.

You can also inspect the continuity between the flat prongs and the power cord to check if the mower chassis is burned. 

What Happens If The Mower Keeps Tripping The Circuits Too Many Times?

Most breakers in lawnmowers activate and trip the circuit when the resistance reaches nearly melting temperature. This mechanism has a limited number of times it will work. 

The breakers cannot be used as a switch since it automatically activates when overheating happens. There are situations when it fails to respond and causes everything to heat up. 

In addition, the breaker requires a resting time, allowing the part to cool down after a trip. If your mower trips more often, the breaker will get damaged and reduced in its capacity. 

Meanwhile, a constantly tripping circuit indicates that there are some serious problems with your mowers. It’s also likely that you are not using the machine properly or the surrounding conditions are not ideal.

It’s not good when the mower keeps tripping its circuits frequently. You need to check the machine’s components and find out the causes to avoid unwanted accidents in the future. 

How Do You Stop The Mower Keep Tripping The Circuits 

Don’t panic if the mower keeps tripping its circuits because it costs little to fix this problem. The critical thing is to identify the causes and tackle them. Here are some tips you can consider.

Start with turning off and unplugging your mower. Then, use the tools to open and remove the machine’s cover, leaving space to access the switch’s position. Check if there are any damaged wires, cables, or components in the machine. 

Now, use your multimeter to check the electrical resistance on all parts of the machine, running from one side to another. Some broken or burned wires may appear intact, and you have to check them using the multimeter. 

If all the components are intact, you can use a brush to clean the machine. Remove the dirt and debris building up around the machine’s motor and the cables drawing electricity. 

You may need some basic tools like a screwdriver, a star tip, and a multimeter for this task. If the problems don’t go away and the circuit keeps tripping, you should have your machine inspected by professional repairers.

Inspect The Machine’s Components

Why Does My Mower Start But Not Stay Running?

You should check if there is enough fuel (gas and oil) inside the lawn mower. 

Also, ensure that you don’t use stale or outdated oil for the machine, which can damage the motor and cause it to break down. 

If your mower starts but cannot operate, it may have some damaged or stuck components. Check for a dirty filter, dirty plug, damaged wires, or clogged carburetor inside the machine. 

Batteries Fully Charged But The Mower Won’t Start 

The problems may lie in the machine’s battery itself. Check if there are any dead, loose, or damaged power cables connecting the motor to the battery cell. Ensure that the wall outlet, charger, and charging port are correctly set up. 

Also, a damaged motor or malfunctioning start switch can make the device fail to start. You should ask professional repairers to inspect your device carefully and replace the broken components.

Don’t Use Stale Oil For Mowers

Final Thoughts

In summary, tripping circuits happen when the mower draws too much power and increases the electrical resistance, causing the breaker to trip.

Another cause is the damaged components like cables or motors inside the machine. 

You can remove the machine’s cover to inspect the components and check for any loose or damaged parts. Then, use a multimeter to check if there are any dead cables inside the mower. 

If you find a damaged component, get it replaced and check if your machine works properly. I hope you are satisfied with the provided answer.

Thank you for reading!

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