Can You Hose Down A Lawnmower? Here’s What You Should Know


Like other machinery types, lawnmowers will catch the dust and debris building up in their engines and covers.

It not only decreases the beauty of your machine but also degrades its capacity and components’ quality. 

It’s critical to clean your lawnmower regularly, especially after a long cutting time. Many mower owners have asked me: Can you hose down a lawnmower? 

Hosing a mower can quickly and efficiently remove debris, making it a brilliant idea to clean your mower.

I will discuss if this task is doable and provide you with more helpful information!

Can You Hose Down A Lawnmower?

Yes. You can hose down a lawnmower to clean it, but keep the engine safe from spraying water. In addition, don’t use a pressure washer to clean the machine. 

It’s critical to clean your lawnmower frequently, and you should do it after every use if possible. The debris, dust, and decaying grass attaching to the mower’s components will slowly degrade its quality and beauty. 

Hosing down a lawnmower is the simplest and fastest way to clean all its components thoroughly. However, there are some notes and rules you should consider to avoid damaging the machine.

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You Need To Clean The Mower Frequently

Why Can You Not Power Wash Lawnmowers?

Many owners prefer using a power washer to hose down their machinery, which is detrimental to their lifespan and durability. This practice is ideal for cleaning cars, vehicles, and solid projects, but no lawnmowers. 

Since the pressure from the power washer is too high, it can quickly damage the electrical components and engines of the mowers. The bearings and cables inside will get damaged or loosen, leading to malfunctioning problems

The strong water can quickly remove the assembly grease and lubricant materials inside the engine. As a result, the parts cannot operate smoothly and will decrease in their lifespans. 

So, you can hose down a lawn mower but only with mild water pressure. Don’t use a power washer because it damages the machine’s components and engines. 

How To Hose Down A Lawnmower Properly?

My favorite method to hose down a mower is using a garden hose, water, and soap. The engine may withstand water, but its quality will decrease. Therefore, you should avoid applying water to the engine. 

Also, don’t clean the components like cables, belts, and transmission too thoroughly because they are susceptible to strong pressure. A cable accidentally loosening will cause the whole system to malfunction. 

To hose down the mower, you first need to move it to a clean and even surface. Then, remove the machine’s grass bag and lower its height. Now, link your hose to the mower’s deck and turn on the water. 

It’s critical that you keep the machine running during the process. Let the blade operate so the hose and water can clean it thoroughly. After cleaning, use a clean cloth to remove the moisture and let your machine dry.

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Remove The Decaying Grass

Are Lawn Mowers Waterproof? 

Yes, most lawnmowers are waterproof, so they can withstand environmental elements like rain, moisture, and storm. However, there are some types of electrical lawnmowers that are not waterproof. 

Therefore, you should check the owner’s manual and product information carefully to know if the mower can resist water. Even if the machine is waterproof, it would be best to avoid contacting water. 

Water can slowly degrade the metal components and rot the screws or small parts inside your mower. In the long run, the device’s capacity and beauty will slowly decrease. 

Also, avoid soaking a lawnmower in the water to clean it, which can damage its electrical components and wash out the lubricant’s materials. 

What Happens If My Lawnmower Gets Wet? 

There are many parts of the mowers that have been sheltered and protected carefully from water. Therefore, water can only reach the machine’s spark plug, carburetor, fuel tank, and air filter. 

The exterior components like cover, wheels, and handles can be exposed to water freely without any significant problems. However, it’s advisable to keep your mower dry, except when you clean it after use. 

The water can eat up the metal parts and decrease your machine’s beauty. It’s also costly to repair or replace the damaged components when they get wet and run down.

Remember To Dry The Machine

Can You Clean An Electric Mower With Water? 

Yes, you can clean an electric mower if it can resist water. Yet, you should check the owner’s manual carefully to ensure that the device is entirely waterproof. 

In addition, you should not use strong water pressure to clean the mowers. It can damage the device’s engine and electrical parts. Just use soapy water and a mild garden cleaner to wash the dirty details of the machine. 

How Do You Clean A Wet Lawn Mower? 

You can remove the lawnmower’s cover to clean the inner parts more comfortably. There are hard-to-reach areas where debris and dust concentrate. Ensure that you clean all these small parts before reassembling the machine. 

Also, avoid using a pressure washer on the lawn mower or spraying strong water on the engine. It’s best to keep the engine safe from water contact to prevent unwanted problems. 

Remember to use a clean cloth to wipe the machine after cleaning. Let it dry completely before subsequent use. 

Are You Supposed To Clean The Mower Deck After Every Mow? 

It’s not necessary to clean the mower deck after every use, especially when you use the machine regularly. It will cost a lot of time and effort to remove the deck and clean it. 

I frequently clean my mower once or twice a week to remove debris and decaying grass. However, if the machine doesn’t feel smooth or gets too dirty, you should clean it right away. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, you can hose down a lawnmower. However, don’t apply strong water force from the pressure washer to clean the machine. 

The mower’s engine and electrical components are susceptible to strong pressure and water. Therefore, you should be extra careful when hosing down a mower to avoid damaging its components. 

I hope the answer provided can help you clean your lawnmower effortlessly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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