Lawn Mower Fixed Deck Vs. Floating Deck: Which Is Better?


If your yard has grass, it’s essential to maintain your property to make it good-looking and clean. 

A lawnmower is essential to keep your yard from looking overgrown and adequately cared for.

However, before buying this machine, you must consider several things, such as performance, durability, or comfort. 

You need to evaluate other details, including the deck. You may confuse a lawn mower fixed deck vs. floating deck

Which deck style is suitable for your requirements? Let’s read this article to know the main differences to select the best-suited one!

What Is The Difference Between A Fixed And Floating Deck Mower?

If it’s your first time purchasing a lawn mower, it may be challenging to determine between a fixed and floating deck. 

Both deck designs appeal to buyers in different ways. Here are some main differences between these options. Let’s see!

Fixed Deck Mower

As its name suggests, a fixed deck lawn mower includes a deck firmly attached to this machine’s overall structure.

The fixed decks are well-liked thanks to this design because they are more durable than some deck styles. 

Generally, the device with a fixed deck is suitable for cutting grasses in sparse areas in your yard.

The solid deck design has a small footprint with a stiff deck, which makes it durable and dependable.

You can easily adjust the cutting height depending on your requirements. The mowers with fixed decks have a more reasonable price, which makes them more popular than regular walk-behind machines. 

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Fixed deck mower

Floating Deck Mower

A mower with a floating deck is powerful and helpful for cutting the densest grasses in your yard.

Thanks to the floating deck, this machine can travel smoothly through your lawn without causing any damage. 

Generally, a mower with a floating deck boasts several benefits compared to other machines. 

For instance, you can cut the grass on hillsides and in tighter spaces. Also, you can adjust its cutting height with an included attachment. 

So, you will find it easier to trim different grass types at the desired heights. 

Most importantly, a floating deck mower won’t cause damage to the soil in your yard or destroy roots. 

Furthermore, this machine is relatively quiet, meaning you won’t disturb your neighborhood when using it at night or outside.

Floating deck mower

You can look at the table below to check the main differences:

Fixed deck mower Floating deck mower
  • More durable 
  • More powerful
  • More affordable
  • More expensive
  • Good at cutting grasses in sparse areas
  • Suitable for cutting the densest grasses
  • Lighter
  • Heavier
  • Loud noise
  • Run quietly

Is A Floating Deck Better? 

The short answer is yes! A lawn mower with a floating deck travels separately from the other parts of the machine.

As a result, the cut will follow your lawn’s contours, which allows you to adjust the cutting height and reduce the scalping risks. 

Besides, the device with a floating deck goes beyond to provide a perfect cut than a fixed deck.

Moreover, a floating deck includes matched blades, which bring good-looking cuts with precision.

It’s also relatively simple to drive a floating mowing deck. Plus, it offers quiet and smooth operation. 

Additionally, you can modify the cutting heights of this deck effortlessly. All you need is simply to push a button.

When it comes to comfort, this type of deck has a rear suspension. Thus, you will feel less impact (around 25 percent) than a lawn mower tractor without suspensions.

This deck design includes an upgraded cut and stitched seat, giving the user more stability and comfort.

If you are looking for a mower to mow at night, look no further than the models with floating decks because they feature powerful LED headlights.

Another feature that makes this deck design well-liked is its heat management system. 

Furthermore, the floating deck will cut just as readily on the exterior edge when maneuvering around tree bases.

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Floating deck

Floating Deck Vs. Fixed Deck: Pros And Cons

If you are confused between floating and fixed decks, let’s take a peek at their benefits and drawbacks before buying one.

Floating deck


  • Robust power
  • Excellent for cutting the densest grasses
  • Suitable for mowing the lawn on hillsides and in tighter spaces
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cause no damage to the soil or roots
  • Travel smoothly and quietly


  • High price
  • Relatively heavy 

Fixed deck


  • Durable and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for cutting grasses in sparse areas
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • Compact footprint
  • Comfortable 


  • Relatively difficult to maintain this part

Pros and cons of the two designs

Which Type Of Lawn Mower Deck Is Best For You?? 

It’s relatively difficult to have a direct answer to this question. The best deck design will depend on your requirements and interests.

For instance, if you want a machine to mow on flat terrains, the ideal option should be a fixed deck. 

On the other hand, a mower with a floating deck will be more suitable for varied terrains with thick grasses. 

Moreover, if you have a slightly tight budget, you should invest in a fixed deck. 

Are you seeking a machine to use on your property without bothering your neighbors? Nothing is better than a mower with a floating deck. 

This model travels smoothly while not producing loud noise. Besides, it features LED headlights to use at night. 

The final verdict


What Is The Downside Of A Floating Deck? 

Everything has two sides, and the floating deck is no exception. Here are some drawbacks to consider before purchasing this type:

  • Unless the terrain is level, floating decks produce a poor cut and move around a lot on rough surfaces.
  • Also, it’s much harder for these floating deck mowers to do a wheelie to surpass obstacles.
  • It’s relatively expensive to get this product and replace anti-scalp rollers.
  • This design is rather heavy to move around.

Which Mower Deck Is Better? 

The short answer is the floating deck! It will not scalp your grass and leave a smooth and precise cut. 

Moreover, the floating deck mower works well when cutting on hillsides or in tight areas in your garden.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, have you figured out the main differences between a lawn mower fixed deck and a floating deck? We hope your answer will be yes!

Generally, a fixed deck mower is ideal for those who want a machine to mow grasses on flat surfaces at an affordable price. 

On the other hand, if you can afford a floating deck mower, you can get several benefits. It works well in tight spaces with excellent cuts. 

The final decision is up to you. Thank you for reading!

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