Lawn Mower Oil Filter Vs. Car Oil Filter: Can You Use Them Interchangeably?

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While the oil acts as the engine’s lifeblood, the oil filter serves its kidney to remove impurities and drain the fuel from the waste agent.

In other words, this component will be beneficial for cleaning the oil in the engine of any vehicle. 

Is there any difference between a lawn mower oil filter vs. car oil filter? Can you use them interchangeably? This article will discuss and find out the answer.

Let’s delve into it to get into details!

Lawn Mower Oil Filter And Car Oil Filter Differences

There are a few differences between the various oil filters for the inexperienced eye. They all include a similar amount of cloth pleating, bolt into the vehicle engine, become dirty, and require replacement. 

How can you point out the differences between a lawn mower oil filter and a car oil filter? Let’s keep reading to learn about their features!

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Lawn Mower Oil Filter

Most people don’t highly appreciate a lawn mower oil filter. However, it’s essential to keep the machine working smoothly and effectively. 

What filter is suitable for your mower? It depends on your mower model. Generally, three main types of oil filters include:

  • Felt filter
  • Foam filter
  • Paper filter

Paper oil filter is the most affordable and commonly used in mowers. It can filter dirt and contaminants but may get clogged if not maintained regularly.

A foam filter is better than the option above and doesn’t require regular cleaning. However, its price is relatively high. 

The felt filter is the best variety for mowers. Its filtration is excellent and doesn’t need regular maintenance like the types above. However, it’s the most high-priced.

Car Oil Filter

A filter for car oil can remove dirt, unburned fuel, and contaminants from circulating. It only allows clean fuel to enter the engine.

The components of a car oil filter may include the following:

  • Tapping plate
  • Anti-drainback valve
  • Pleats
  • Center steel tube
  • Relief valve
  • End disc
  • Retainer

The main types of car oil filters are:

  • Full-flow filter
  • Cartridge filter:
  • Spin-on filter
  • Secondary/By-pass filter
  • Spinner filter
  • Magnetic filter

You can watch this video to choose the best-suited type for your car:

Difference Between Lawn Mower Oil Filter Vs. Car Oil Filter

Lawn Mower Oil Filter Car Oil Filter
bigger  smaller
Built to remove large particles, including grass clippings Built to eliminate tiny particles and impurities from fuel
Designed for motors with 21L displacement or more Designed for motors with 6L displacement or more
Featuring a drain valve Without a drain valve

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The main differences

Is Lawn Mower Oil Different Than Car Oil?

The short answer is yes! The oil types used for lawn mowers and cars are not the same, depending on the motor kinds. 

Some lawn mowers may use two-cycle engines, which need a mixture of oil and gasoline.

Two-cycle engines can’t use car oil. Blend with gasoline demands light fuel to lubricate fast-moving engine parts.

Besides, the manufacturers of two-cycle lawn mowers sell specialized oil for their machines.

On the other hand, most mowers use four-cycle engines, including garden tractors and riding mowers.

Like cars, these engines store oil and gasoline separately. They can utilize the same fuel as automobiles. 

However, you must check manuals since smaller motors may be sensitive to alternatives and additives.

Car vs. mower fuel differences

Can You Use Car Oil Filter On A Lawn Mower?

The short answer is yes. Some people still use car oil filters on their lawn mowers because their size perfectly fits the mower’s filter. 

A car oil filter doesn’t have particular materials to make it incompatible with a smaller engine.

Moreover, if this filter can regulate the car engine’s pressure, it rarely has trouble handling a smaller mower engine. 

However, it would be best to look for car oil filters with an anti-drain back valve to prevent the fuel from exhausting when you turn off the engine.

Moreover, this oil filter must feature a silicone gasket to avoid melting at extreme temperatures.

You should also choose the car oil filter that physically fits your mower, meaning it won’t rub or chafe against your machine.

Car fuel filter

Should You Use A Car Oil Filter On A Lawn Mower?

While you can use a car oil filter on your lawn mower, it’s not a good idea. The lawn mower and car filter designs are not the same.

The filters built for mowers require clearing lawn clippings occasionally with debris and dirt from the fuel.

On the other hand, the filters used for car oil function to remove tiny particles and impurities from the fuel.

For these reasons, a filter designed for the car on your mower may get blocked due to dirt, glass chippings, debris, and particles. Thus, the fuel can’t flow smoothly and stop entirely at a specific point.

The final verdict is up to you if you ensure that big particles will not block the filter. That said, your engine’s dirty oil might cost you dearly.


What Happens If You Use The Wrong Oil Filter On A Lawnmower?

The oil filter is vital to maintain oil pressure. If you use the wrong filter on your lawn mower, it may negatively affect oil pressure.

The wrong oil filter won’t work correctly, which makes it clogged and causes the oil pressure to drop.

Besides, the engine may receive too little or too much if you use the incorrect filter.

Sometimes, it may have trouble sealing correctly, leading to leaks or oil pressure issues.

If you are using the wrong filter type, it may show the signs, including:

  • Engine performance is degraded, which makes you lose acceleration.
  • Your machine will sputter while operating, and you will have difficulty maintaining speeds.
  • The oil pressure measuring instrument may move slightly usually, but when you notice a fast drop, it is a warning cue.
  • You will witness burning oil entering the exhaust pipes, causing the exhaust to be dirty or black. 

Are All Mower Oil Filters The Same? 

The short answer is no. While the oil filters perform the same purposes, different sizes and features differentiate them. 

Here are the main characteristics making them different:

Different Sizes And Threads

Various-sized engines require oil filters using proportionally larger threads. 

The size might vary significantly between automobiles and tiny engines. The internal construction of these filters is often unique from that of other filters.

Oil Weight

Every machine’s engine requires a particular oil weight, which essentially only indicates how thick or dense it is.

If the oil weight is higher, the filters should be constructed with harder synthetic materials to tolerate the flow of heavier oil. 


The price of oil filters will vary significantly. Thus, lawn mower owners may want to look for cheaper car oil filters as alternatives.

Frequently asked questions

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown the main differences between a lawn mower and car oil filters. Hopefully, you can tell them apart after referring to our post.

It’s worth noting that while you can use a car fuel filter on your mower, it’s not a good idea because it doesn’t feature a drain valve to block large particles and grass clippings.

If you know any dissimilarities between these filters, you can share them in the comment. Thank you for reading!

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