Will A Lawn Mower Fit In My Trunk? The Correct Answer Is Here!


We don’t have any difficulty using a lawn mower because it has wheels. So it can move no matter how heavy it is. But what if you want to transport it from the store to your house?

The weight and structure of the mower is a problem here. You may wonder: “Will a lawn mower fit in my trunk?” So this guide will help you answer this question. You can also learn some tips to transport this hefty machine. 

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Will A Lawn Mower Fit In My Trunk? 

Yes, if you have a walk-behind lawn mower. This model is compact, and you can fold it to fit into your car’s trunk. On the other hand, the riding mower is too big for the limited space in your vehicle. 

There are different types of lawn mowers. Some models, like push mowers, are lightweight and have a simple design. You can even put them in the backseat of your car. 

This video will show you how to fit a lawn mower into a car trunk:

Meanwhile, many homeowners use riding lawn mowers because they are more powerful. Things only get completed when you intend to transport the machines somewhere.

A lawn mower can easily fit in your car trunk

Can A Riding Lawn Mower Fit In A Cargo Van? 

Maybe yes, depending on the compatibility in size of your riding lawn mower and the cargo van. Please note that the two come in different dimensions, so we can’t give you an accurate answer. 

First, let’s talk about the dimensions of the riding lawn mower. It will vary from model to model.

  • Width: The average deck size of a riding mower is around 42 inches. You may also find models with a deck of up to 54 inches. 
  • Length: Most models are around six feet long. Some parts will make them longer. 
  • Height: An average riding lawn mower stands about four feet tall. 

It’s also important to consider the machine’s weight too. Most riding mowers are heavy, ranging from 300 to 600 pounds. 

As a result, if you intend to rent a cargo van to transport your riding lawn mower, check its interior dimensions and weight capacity carefully. 

Most rental services offer multiple options to adapt to different requirements flexibly. For example:

Interior Dimensions 

(Length x Width x Height)

Weight Capacity 
Compact Cargo Van 1,480 lbs 83″ x 48″ x 52″
Cargo Van 3,700 lbs 126″x 55″ x 65″
Heavy Duty Cargo Van 4,080 lbs 126″ x 55″ x 56″
Heavy Duty XL Cargo Van 3,950 lbs 140″ x 55″ x 56″
High Roof Cargo Van 3,700 lbs 143″ x 55″ x 76″ 

The table above illustrates the options you can get from a rental service. You can find more from your local stores.

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Choose a cargo van that is big enough for your mower

Can Lawn Mower Gas Go In The Car? 

No. It’s dangerous to let the lawn mower gas go in your car. Here are reasons to avoid this issue at all costs:

  • Gasoline is a flammable substance that can seriously harm your automobile’s engine.
  • Due to its low flashpoint and risk to humans and animals, gasoline is not a substance to keep around. 
  • Because gasoline fumes are poisonous, continuous inhalation during your drive might cause severe health issues. 
  • When the gas comes into touch with any heat source, such as a lighted cigarette or a heated exhaust pipe of your vehicle, it can explode, catch fire, cause injuries, or even lead to death.

What Happens If You Turn A Lawn Mower Upside Down? 

If you turn the machine upside down, oil and fuel flow into unexpected areas. The machine’s components might get dirty or broken, requiring repair

Here are some cases that may happen as a result of the lawn mower turning upside down: 

The lawn mower stops working.

If your lawnmower doesn’t start, the oil or gas may have seeped into the carburetor or engine, causing flooding and preventing the machine from working. 

Another case is that the mower runs for a while but then stops. Perhaps the fuel has entered the carbon cap. Then, the fuel system can’t vent properly. 

There is smoke from the mower.

Black smoke often signifies that the carburetor is faulty. There isn’t enough air going to the carburetor, which is typically the consequence of a blocked air filter.

If you notice white smoke coming from the engine, the oil must have leaked into the motor and is currently getting burned. You may simply leave the engine running for a few minutes to observe whether the smoke diminishes. 

But if it doesn’t, there may still be oil in the engine. In this case, take your lawn mower to the repair shop to examine it.

Avoid turning the engine upside down

How Do You Transport A Lawn Mower? 

It’s tricky to transport a hefty machine like the lawn mower. But you can make it by following these steps:

Step 1: Prepare the lawn mower.

Start by draining the oil and gas tank of the machine. As aforementioned, these liquids leaking will lead to serious problems. 

Next, remove the attachments, such as the blades and paracords, to make the machine as lightweight as possible. Also, detach the spark plug. 

Step 2: Secure the lawn mower.

Attach a trailer to the back of your car using a loading ramp. After that, secure the trailer by locking it with the trailer hitch and tightening the security chains.

Place the car and trailer on a level surface, then lower the loading ramp to align it with the car. 

Next, place wooden blocks under the trailer’s wheels to stabilize them. 

Get on the mower and raise its deck. Then, move it slowly to the ramp. Try to distribute the machine’s weight on the trailer evenly. 

Insert a chock to prevent the mower from moving during transport. You can use a rope to close the mower’s hood so the air pressure won’t open it. 

Lock the seat and hood of the machine with the rope. Ensure to attach the rope on both sides of the trailer. 

Prepare and secure the machine to transport it safely


Your push lawn mower or other models with a similar size can fit in your car’s trunk. However, a riding lawn mower is too big for the dimension of the trunk. But you can use a big cargo van to handle it. 

Do you have any problems while transporting your lawn mower? Don’t hesitate to share with us. We will help you solve it. 

Thank you for reading!

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