Can You Use Paracord For Lawn Mower? Experts Reveal


For those having a garden at home, purchasing lawnmowers is the best solution to keep a beautiful and well-kept grass surface.

However, it seems there are more things to learn about these machines rather than just switching them on and off. Broken mower cords are a case in point; can you use paracord for lawn mower if their strings malfunction? 

This article will answer these burning questions for you. 

Can You Use Paracord for Lawn Mower?

Yes, why not?

Yes, why not? 

You have two choices: either purchasing an entirely new housing with $40 or reusing unused paracords lying somewhere in your garage. Your mowers, your choice! But if you opt for the latter, here are some steps to install them. 

Step 1. Cut your old string, then recoil the assembly housing at the motor’s top. Usually, it’s linked with three bolts, meaning you must remove those bolts using a ratchet. 

Step 2. Cut any remaining string if there’s any. If emergencies ensue, pick plies to pick the string’s ends and pull them out.

Step 3. Hold your pulley on the sport with a screwdriver and undo the knots. Then turn your recoil assembly clockwise till it stops moving, which helps tighten the housing.

Step 4. Now the holes have been properly lined up, it’s time to put the paracords through them. 

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What Type of Rope Are Pull Cords for Lawn Mowers? 

When it comes to chemical fibers, polyester is undoubtedly dominant, which is why many brands decided to pick them up for lawn mower strings. 

Their impressive capability and strengths are all thanks to the achromatic and aliphatic parts within the macromolecular chains – coupled with the molecular structures – which makes them easily withstand the test of time.

However, note that polyester is regarded as “hydrophobic” by many scientists. As a result, fluids, sweat, rain, or any other dampening liquid likely linger on their surfaces instead of being absorbed. Hence, your hands often feel clammy and moist during hot weather days. 

Thankfully, their flexible nature easily makes up for such a drawback. According to studies, their fiber strength ranges from 2.6 grams to 9.5 grams per denier. 

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What Are These Pull Cords Made Of?

What are they made of?

Though polyester ropes are the main components of these strings, it’s not difficult to realize that other materials are mixed in to give your mower string a more natural and solid feel. Common substances you can easily find on most commercial products include Dyneema, nylon, cotton, and more.

A closer look into their structures also reveals that their braiding patterns differ. Some are double braids, others are single braids, and more expensive alternatives enjoy premium braids, et cetera. 

It’s no doubt that such variations have an obvious and palpable impact on your experience, so remember to try holding them first before you decide whether to buy them or not. 

Is It Possible to Start My Lawn Mowers Without Pull Cords?

Contrary to popular belief, our answer is a big YES – and trust us, the entire process is much more straightforward than you would think. 

Normally, we would start the mowers by turning the flywheels via the pull cords. Now that there’s no cord to pull, here is an alternative solution: Wrap one rope around the cord and pull. 

How to do so? 

Step 1. First, remove the plastic cover guard that drafts over your flywheel. It’s usually tightly linked to a set of screws (two to five, depending on your mower type). 

Step 2. Once every screw on this plastic cover is taken down, lift it to reach the flywheel below. 

A typical flywheel often has raised metal rings right at the center, named a “flywheel nut.” That’s the part where you must wrap the rope around. Do exactly that, leaving sufficient string uninvolved to pull it later.

Step 3. Next, pull your rope quickly enough, which immediately starts the mower’s engine. 

We will easily see that the rope slides off your flywheel instantly after that. How so? It’s because the rope is no longer attached to your cord starters, which retracts the pull cord automatically after the engine operates. 

Step 4. Lastly, store this new cord somewhere safe so that you can reuse it next time. Congratulations. You have made it! 

Is Paracord Much Stronger Than Ropes? 

Some studies have conducted a quick comparison study among paracords, braided ropes, and tactical ropes. Their conclusion is unsurprising at all: paracord is the strongest one.

Unlike others, a standard paracord string enjoys a sturdy, layered design, which makes it almost unbeatable against all types of forces. 

Further investigations even discover that it can support a whopping number of 550 pounds without breaking or damaging – isn’t that super impressive?

That does not mean braided ropes are a terrible solution; despite lagging behind paracords, their performances are still impressive. 

We are delighted to learn that these ropes can withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds, making it another effective (and more affordable option) for your household lawnmowers. 

How about tactical ropes? Its maximum weight capacity is about 275 pounds – certainly not as amazing as the other two, but also acceptable if you cannot afford paracords or braided ropes. 

Why Do I Fail to Pull On The Lawn Mower Cord?

Why do I fail to pull them?

Wrong methods, positions, and faulty mechanisms are the three most common reasons. 

  • Wrong Starter Methods: Please do not pull the cords in any other direction rather than straight. Otherwise, the cords will suffer from excessive friction, making it much harder for you to draw.
  • Wrong Position: Check to see whether there’s any obstacle near the mower.
  • Faulty Mechanism: Maybe the cords or handles are broken in the first place. Fix them as soon as you can.


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