Wheeled Lawn Mower Vs. Hover: 7 Factors To Consider Before Picking

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As a first-time gardener, you may feel overwhelmed by thousands of lawn mower options. Thus, it may be challenging to select the best-suited one. 

Moreover, it would be best to consider many factors, like fuel options, machine dimensions, or shape. 

This article will discuss the differences between the two common types: a wheeled lawn mower vs. hover. 

If you are also confused between these models, let’s scroll down to get into the details!

The Difference Between Wheeled Vs. Hover Lawn Mower

It’s crucial to comprehend the slight functional variations between lawnmowers before choosing which to buy.

Let’s see how these two options differ based on a few key characteristics:


In theory, wheeled mowers are often heavier than their hover counterparts. You can quickly realize this difference if you carry them out of your shed. 

However, this change isn’t particularly evident because the wheels bear the most additional weight when operating.

Nevertheless, because of their construction, hover mowers may be hefty if you attempt to move them side to side.

Swing a wheeled lawn mower in the opposite direction is also difficult or almost impossible. 

Despite not having significant differences in this feature, carrying a hover lawn mower is still more manageable than a machine with wheels. 

Weight differences


While hover lawn mowers are ready to use when you purchase them from the store, you must take some steps before using wheeled machines. 


Most experienced gardeners agree that when mowing in a single direction, there is no distinction between a hover lawn mower and its counterpart. 

However, it’s easier to operate a hover lawn mower when trimming around obstacles or cutting on the yard with abnormal shapes, like curved edges. 

Although you can still mow your garden with a machine with wheels, rapidly modifying the direction is more challenging.

In other words, completing the task may take longer than utilizing a hover lawn mower.

Cutting Performance

Most hover models provide an excellent cutting performance with a sharp blade. However, they do not feature the same cutting-length options. 

On the other hand, wheeled mowers come with easy-to-use buttons near their blades or on their handles. Thus, you can select suitable presets and have more control. 

Cutting performance

Working On Slopes

The truth is that not all gardens are flat. Some are on slope terrains, so using wheeled mowers is hard, especially for hefty petrol models.

If it’s a wheeled machine powered by petrol, be careful while moving it around, as oil may spill into other internal components. 

Meanwhile, pushing hover mowers in every straight line or on slopes is easy. Therefore, they are an ideal option for any yards with troughs and peaks. 

Moreover, when cutting downhill, you can find handling a machine without wheels running away more manageable. 

Striping A Yard

Are you looking for a machine to create stripes on your lawn? You can’t go wrong with a wheeled mower instead of a hover mower. 

With this option, you can easily add coveted stripes to your lawn thanks to its available roller attachments. 


A hover mower could be preferable for homeowners with unevenly shaped lawns. 

You can push this machine in almost any direction since it “floats” on an air cushion.

As a result, it’s easy and quick to mow your yard, especially for anyone who wants to trim the lawn rapidly. 

However, if you use a wheeled machine to trim irregularly shaped yards, you must make several shorter movements to cut hard-to-reach regions. Therefore, you will need more time to complete your job.


Comparing And Contrasting Wheeled Vs. Hover Lawn Mower

If you’re in a hurry, you can take a peek at the following comparison table before deciding between the two options:

Features Wheeled Lawn Mower Hover Lawn Mower
Weight Heavier Lighter
Construction Assembling requirements Read to use when out of the box.
Maneuverability More challenging Easier
Cutting Performance Bad Good
Working On Slopes More difficult Easier
Striping A Yard Doable Impossible

Moreover, the advantages and drawbacks of the two models below can help you pick the best-suited one. Let’s see!

Pros and cons of hover mowers


  • The lightweight design makes setup and handling simple.
  • Ideal for smaller yards with nooks and crannies.
  • Simple to take downstairs or hang up.
  • Excellent for slopes.
  • Ideal for uneven yards.


  • Tiring when swinging from side to side.
  • Challenging to adjust trim heights.
  • Shorter longevity.

Pros and cons of wheeled mowers


  • Powerful traction, as the wheels are set on the ground while mowing.
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • Offering an option to create stripes on the lawn
  • Ideal for large gardens


  • Heavy design 
  • Require assembly before operating
  • Hard to control on slopes

Pros and cons of the two options

The Cost Of Owning A Wheeled Vs. Hover Lawn Mower

These models’ prices vary considerably depending on the mower type, but you often pay $80 – $3,200.

Besides, the cost of a machine changes based on its specs, even if it is the same brand, kind, and power source.

Below are a few crucial details that might affect a mower’s costs:

  • Power source
  • Cutting width
  • Fuel capacity while operating
  • Speed
  • Brand name
  • Ergonomics
  • Easy operation
  • Deck washing systems

The average cost

Which One Is Right For You? 

It may be relatively challenging to point out the winner in this battle. The best option should depend on your garden’s shape and size and your requirements. 

For instance, a hover mower will suit anyone looking for a ready-to-use machine. Besides, if you want a device to work on uneven areas or smaller gardens, look no further than hover models. 

However, opting for a wheeled mower is best if you want to add stripes to your yard or a machine with adjustable trimming height. 

Final verdict


Do Hover Mowers Cut Well?

The short answer is Yes! Operating a hover mower is the easiest and most economical method for trimming grass.

These devices are more maneuverable, effective, safer, and quieter than traditional models.

Besides, these machines utilize engines that can raise themselves off the yard to trim grass more efficiently.

You can watch this video to learn how this machine works:

Are Hover Mowers Better For Long Grass?

Yes! These machines can be suitable for cutting long grass, but most experienced gardeners don’t recommend this way. 

The blade will find it more complicated to cut longer grass. Thus, the engine must spin your mower’s blade to achieve the goal. 

However, you can’t trim the longer grass evenly in your yard because of the mower’s compact design and small size. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you can purchase the most suitable mower for your yard depending on your requirements and your garden’s size. 

Investing in a wheeled mower is a good idea if you want to create stripes on your yard at desired trimming heights. 

Otherwise, buy a hover for a more convenient and easy-to-use option. 

Have other questions? Please comment below! Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

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