Murray Lawn Mower Vs. Craftsman – Which One Should You Buy?

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The lawn-care industry is getting bigger and bigger. Homeowners will then have a lot of options to maintain the beauty of their lawns. Murray and Craftsman are among their top choices. 

But which is better, Murray lawn mower vs. Craftsman? You need to consider their differences and your preferences to opt for the winner in this battle. 

So, we will help you compare lawn mowers of these two brands. Let’s see which product suits your needs better! 

Murray Lawn Mower Vs. Craftsman: Introduction

Murray lawn mowers were once products of the Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company. However, in 2005, the Briggs & Stratton Corporation acquired Murray to expand its product lines and market share. 

After that, Briggs & Straton continued manufacturing Murray lawn mowers with their own technology. Some models have specialized engines made by Briggs & Straton. 

Advanced technology makes Murray lawn mowers famous for their durability and performance. 

Similarly, Craftsman was once a line of garden equipment owned by Sears. However, Sears Holdings, which had a restricted license for Craftsman equipment, sold the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker in 2017.

Craftsman lawn mowers are popular in the industry for their high-quality construction and versatility. Landscapers and homeowners both appreciate products from this brand. 

Both Murray and Craftsman offer lawn mowers in different types, designs, features, and price ranges. Hence, it will help to refer to specific models to compare the two brands in detail. 

So, the comparison section below will talk about their products in general. You can research to look for the exact features of each model. Then, it will be easier for you to settle on an ideal machine.   

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Both brands are famous in the industry

Murray Lawn Mower Vs. Craftsman: Comparison

There are many factors to consider when comparing Murray vs. Craftsman lawn mowers, including cost, effectiveness, features, and durability. This comparison table will tell you some. 

Murray Craftsman 
Power Depending on the model Depending on the model
Features  Fewer features  More features 
Durability  Excellent Excellent 
Price Cheaper More expensive 


Murray and Craftsman lawn mowers have multiple engine options, including electric and gas-powered models. The power of your machine depends on the engine you buy. 

Craftsman mowers are slightly more powerful than their competitors because of the higher-quality materials. Yet, some Murray models offer robust engines, too. 


Lawn mowers from Murray and Craftsman come with various features to make your grass-cutting simpler and more effective.

Aside from the adjustable cutting heights and comfortable grips, they also provide mulching and bagging alternatives.

However, Craftsman is a winner in this term thanks to its advanced features. For example, you can use its Smart Lawn app to monitor real-time data on your mowing patterns.

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Craftsman has more features


The durability of a lawn mower depends on its material and construction. In this regard, both Murray and Craftsman products can satisfy your requirements. 

Both manufacturers’ most common materials are steel, plastic, aluminum, and rubber. They have different characteristics, so you can pick the best one based on your demands. 

Besides, you can extend your mower’s lifespan by maintaining it properly and regularly. Thus, learning maintenance tips is a must for all lawn mower users.  


Craftsman lawn mowers are often more expensive than Murray models because they have more advanced features. 

However, the materials, designs, types, and features will affect the specific price of Murray and Craftsman lawn mowers.

Murray lawn mowers are more affordable

Murray Lawn Mower Vs. Craftsman: Which Should You Choose?

Murray and Craftsman lawn mowers are durable, robust, and reliable products. But you can only choose. To make up your mind, please consider these things:

  • Price: Most Murray models are more affordable than Craftsman. Hence, if price is your top concern, you may prefer Murray. 
  • Features: Craftsman lawn mowers have more advanced features, such as the app allowing you to track the mower’s performance. 
  • Durability: Both brands are among the leading names in the industry. As a result, you won’t have to worry about durability and reliability when buying any product from them. 

Last but not least, each lawn mower has its own set of features. It would be best to check the specifications and reviews of a specific model before buying.

Choose the best machine to help with your lawn maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is the Murray lawn mower self-propelled?

Yes. Murray provides many types of lawn mowers, and the self-propelled options are among them. These designs help you mow easier and efficiently. 

Self-propelled lawn mowers have a motor that powers the wheels. This component aids propulsion and minimizes the labor required to push the machine. This feature can be quite helpful when working on hills or other uneven terrains.

Self-propelled lawn mowers from Murray can be rear-wheel or front-wheel drive. Some models even allow you to turn them into push mowers

2. Do Murray mowers come with oil? 

It depends on the retailer. But typically, Murray lawn mowers don’t come with oil. You need to check the mower’s specifications to tell if you have to buy oil separately or if it has arrived with the mower. 

Fill the engine with oil when using a Murray lawn mower for the first time. The right type of oil varies depending on the model and its engine. So remember to check the owner’s manual for guidance. 

3. Does Craftsman make an electric lawn mower? 

Yes. Like Murray, Craftsman offers multiple types of lawn mowers. In the electric category, you have two primary options:

  • Corded electric lawn mowers: You need to plug this mower into an outlet to give it a continuous power supply. Because of the need for a direct power source, this model can only work for small lawns. Ensure that the cord is long enough to reach the outlet. 
  • Battery-powered lawn mowers: This model is more flexible because you don’t have to plug it into the outlet when in use. However, you must maintain the battery properly to keep the machine running.  


Both Murray and Craftsman provide excellent lawn mowers. You need to check the specific product and its specifications to choose the best. Remember to read some reviews about it before making your purchase. 

Hopefully, you can select the ideal mower for your lawn. For any further information, please feel free to ask. We will get back to you soon. 

Thank you for reading!

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