Can You Convert A Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Into A Push Machine?

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Are you tired of following your heavy automatic lawn mower around to mow the garden? You want that the self-propelled mower can transform into a push device. 

The good news is that you can totally turn an automatic mower into a pushable machine. In this post, I will give you simple and detailed instructions on how to turn a self-propelled lawn mower into a push mower

Just follow the guides and you will find that this task is just a piece of cake.

Now, let’s dwell straight in to avoid wasting your time!

Can Self-Propelled Mowers Be Used As A Push Mower? 

Yes. You can totally turn your self-propelled lawn mower into a push machine.

There are times when users prefer the extra exercise of a push device, or they want to move freely with the mower in the garden. Whatever the reason, it’s still possible to use an automatic mower like a push machine. 

Some modern mowers feature up to two controlling modes, including self-propelling and pushing. There is a switch that allows you to switch between these two modes for optimal utility and comfort. 

However, you can still use the self-propelled mowers as push machines even when it doesn’t support this feature. You will have to alter the device’s components and make some adjustments to turn it into a push mower.

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You May Love The Extra Exercise

Will This Mower Push & Pull Easily When Not Using The Drive System? 

It depends on the conditions and type of mower you are using. Some modern mower products can be pushed or pulled more easily than the other machines when you turn off the drive system. 

However, the method I will introduce in the following sections is applicable to the old mowers that don’t support both self-propelling and pushing modes. It will make the machine a little lighter after altering the components. 

You can still push and pull the mower around easily without any problem. However, you must follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the device, making it harder to operate smoothly. 

The Benefits Of Converting Automatic Lawn Mowers Into Push Machines

The self-propel mowers can automatically move around in the garden to cut thick and dense grass. Therefore, they can save you tremendous time and effort compared to operating the machine manually. 

Yet, there are many situations where you would want to convert them into a push machine. The popular reason why people want to convert a self-propel mower is because of its worn-down drive system. 

Expensive Repair Costs

What if the mower malfunctions or gets broken due to weather impacts and collisions? The repair cost for the self-propel machines is significantly higher than the push machines. 

Sometimes, the repairers need to replace the self-propulsion system when it stops working. The cost for this replacement is very high, making you want to abandon this feature and use the mower as a push machine. 

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Push Mowers Are Less Costly To Repair

It Suits Your Preferences

Many mower users prefer the physical exercise and labor of pushing the mower around in their garden rather than using a propel machine.

In addition, they can inspect the grass condition and care for the garden better when using the machine manually. It gives them a chance to enjoy nature and add a little fun to their daily lives. 

A Push Mower Is Sometimes Better

The mowers can handle the thick and long grass scattering around your garden very effectively. However, they are not an excellent choice for small gardens with limited space and an even surface. 

If you have a small garden, it will be quicker to mow the lawn using a manually operated mower. You can avoid the discomforts and physical limitations that self-propelled mowers usually have.

It Gives You More Control

What You’ll Need 

A socket wrench is indispensable if you want to convert a self-propel mower into a push device. However, you must check the size and manufacturer’s recommendations of the machine before choosing a suitable wrench size. 

Besides the socket wrenches, the tools required for this task are fairly popular and easy to find. They include locking pliers, a flathead screwdriver, a milk crate, and a hex key set. 

Steps To Convert Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers Into Push Machines? 

After gathering the required tools, you can follow these simple instructions to convert the automatic lawn mower into a push device.

Ensure that you follow each step carefully to achieve the highest result. 

1. Remove The Spark Plug And Look For The Self-Propulsion System 

It’s dangerous to deal with any electrical or gasoline-based machine like the mower. Therefore, it’s critical to disconnect the machine’s spark plug and turn it off completely before you proceed. 

This step will ensure your safety and prevent the machine from accidentally starting when you touch its components. Now, move on to inspect the machine’s structure and locate the position of its self-propulsion system.  

Most automatic lawnmowers have this system located on their deck top. 

It would be best if you looked for the area near the front or rear wheelsets. The method may lie inside a plastic or metal container.

Turn Off The Machine Before You Proceed

2. Remove Drive Belt And The Drive Cover

The drive belt is contained in a plastic box located on the mower’s deck. You can remove the fastening bolts to remove the plastic cover and access the machine’s drive belt. 

This process is fairly simple, but you may need to remove the bolts located underneath the deck. After finding all the bolts’ positions, you can slowly remove them and take out the drive belt. 

If the drive belt has worn down or you don’t need it in the future, just cut it off to save time. If you don’t want to damage the drive belt, level it using a lever. 

3. Remove The Wheels 

After removing the drive belts, you can move on to taking off the wheels that the self-propel mower runs on. However, you don’t need to remove all the wheels but the ones connected to the system’s transmission. 

The positions of the wheels linked with transmission can vary based on the type of mower you use. After locating their positions, you can see a single nut securing the wheel with the transmission. 

Now, use the flat-end screwdriver and loosen the nut caps to remove them. Pull off the wheels and place them aside while you proceed to the next step. 

4. Remove The Transmission And Axle

Each mower product features different designs of the transmission and the axle. Therefore, this instruction may only partially apply to your mower machine. 

To remove the axle, you can attach the locking plier to a transmission and secure it. Then, take off the screws holding the axle in its position using Allen wrenches. 

When you have removed all the screws, gently slide out the transmission and take off the axle. 

5. Put Back The Drive Cover, Spark Plug, And Wheels

The main purpose of taking off the driver cover, wheels, and spark plug hood is to remove the drive belt of your mower. When taking off these components, your mower is no longer a self-propelled device. 

Your remaining job is reinstalling the driver cover, spark plug hood, and putting the wheels in their initial positions. You can lubricate the wheel ax a little bit with grease before putting the wheel back in.

Reinstall The Device

Further Notes 

Though the process is relatively simple, you should remember some safety rules to ensure the highest results. If you are not careful, the self-propelled lawn mower can damage or malfunction after transformation. 

Firstly, you should include the socket wrenches in your kit, which will tremendously help during this process. In addition, you should inspect the mower’s components and underside carefully before turning. 

If the lawn mower fails to turn on or operate, it’s likely that the drive belt or wheels have worn down. Therefore, you should prioritize checking these components first

In addition, turning a mower into a pushable machine will make it a few pounds lighter. It is advantageous since you can push and move the device around more effortlessly. 

In addition, you should turn off all the mowers’ components, including the engine, cables, and wires, before turning. Ensure that all the cables connecting to the handle are disconnected. 

Final Thoughts

A push mower is not only fun and efficient to operate, but it brings a chance for you to get a little exercise. In general, this process is pretty simple, and you need some essential fixing tools and mechanical knowledge to perform it. 

If there are any unwanted problems during the process, don’t panic and get your mower scrutinized. If you have any unanswered questions or encounter problems when dealing with the mower, feel free to comment and ask me. 

I hope the instructions and information provided can help you turn self-propelled mowers into push devices successfully. Thank you for reading!

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