Lawn Mower Cutting Uneven? Best Tips To Solve

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You’ve spent hours caring for your lovely lawn. Sadly, your mower cuts the grass unevenly, leaving an unsightly sight in your yard. 

This helpful guide will explore the culprits behind the lawn mower cutting uneven. So follow it and learn how to give your beloved green yard the best care!

Why is My Lawn Mower Cutting Uneven? 

Your lawn mower may cut evenly because of the malfunctioning or damaged blade. Other causes for this problem can be with the tire pressure or some parts of the machine. 

Worn Blade

Worn mower blades can result in an uneven cut due to the dirt accumulating in the mower deck. Then, they will leave a strip of grass.

The deck and blade create suction and airflow, lifting the grass for a precise cut. However, the dirt drawn in during this process causes the metal on the blade to wear down. 

As a result, the mower can’t cut the grass completely. You have to sharpen the blades regularly to maintain good cuts. 

Incorrect Tire Pressure

If the tire pressure is too low or unbalanced, the mower will tilt to one side, leading to uneven cutting height. The tire sidewall may tell you the recommended values for the tire pressures, so check them before you go.  

Bent Blade

When the blade encounters solid objects, such as toys or rocks, it will become bent. You need to check your yard before mowing to reduce the risk of blade bending. 

Sometimes, you notice the impact, while other times, the vibration may go unnoticed. You have to remove the blade, in most cases, to check for the bent riding mower.

The blade may hit hard objects and get bent

Unbalanced Blade

A balanced blade distributes weight equally on both sides, ensuring smooth operation when engaged. So when it becomes unbalanced, you will notice vibrations during operation. Uneven cuts are one of the results of this problem. 

An unbalanced blade can also contribute to the spindle bearing damage, further exacerbating the issue. 

Mower blades may become unbalanced because of uneven wear. You will have the same issue if you remove more metal from one side when sharpening. 

Dirt Accumulation

You may use your lawn mower to pick up leaves. Unfortunately, accumulated dirt, grass, and debris in the mower deck hinder proper airflow. The dirt accumulation then reduces the suction needed to lift the grass. Hence, you can’t achieve uniform cuts. 

Faulty Deck

If the mower deck is not level, you will have uneven cuts. To determine the condition of your deck, measure it from side to side. Then, you can tell if the measurements are equal and make necessary adjustments. 

Each riding mower may have different leveling procedures. Hence, refer to the owner’s manual for the specific instructions to level it correctly. This video will help you understand how the process goes in general:

Bad Bearing or Spindle

A lousy bearing or bent spindle in the spindle housing can lead to an uneven cut. Grab each end of the mower blade to check for damage and rock it up and down. 

If you notice excessive movement or knocking noises, you have to disassemble the spindle housing to repair it. 

Bad Deck Belt

A worn, shredded, or stretched belt can’t grip the pulleys properly. This problem will lead to inconsistent spinning speeds, causing your mower to cut unevenly. 

When you notice signs of belt wear, replace it as soon as possible. Additionally, check each pulley for noise and resistance when turned by hand. The pulley with a damaged bearing doesn’t sit level, impacting the cutting performance of the mower.

Too Low Or Too Fast Speed

If the engine speed is too low, the blade tip speed may be insufficient to achieve a quality cut. On the other hand, if the speed is too high, your mower will push the grass over. 

As a result, ensure that your lawn mower is running at the recommended speed. Besides, you need to adjust the speed when encountering thick, wet, or tall grass, to maintain a good cut.

Damaged Deck Shell

Collisions with trees or fence posts will damage the mower deck shell. It can’t cut the grass evenly if you don’t repair it soon. 

You can contact a local dealership to replace the shell. Remember to compare the costs to get the best deal.  

Uneven Lawn

An uneven lawn can result in a rough cut, mainly when using a wide-format deck. These decks may scalp sections of the lawn as they are unable to flex with the slopes in the ground. 

You can use a push mower in such cases because its smaller deck will handle the high spots well. 

An uneven lawn is hard to cut

How to Fix Mowers’ Uneven Cut? 

Multiple reasons can lead to a mower’s uneven cut. Hence, you have to identify the exact case you are facing first and then think of how to fix it. Generally, you can follow these steps:

  • Check the mower blade: Ensure your mower blade hasn’t gotten damaged, dull, bent, or worn. You need to replace it in some cases. 
  • Adjust the tire pressure: Follow the recommended tire pressure for your lawn mower. 
  • Level the mower deck: Use leveling adjustment tools to achieve a level condition. 
  • Clean the mower: Remove dirt and debris from the mower deck. 
  • Replace the damaged parts: The broken deck shells, belts, and bearings contribute to uneven cuts. So, replace them soon. 
  • Adjust the cutting height: Raise and lower your deck to achieve the desired cutting height. 
  • Control the speed: Do not allow your lawn mower to run too slowly or too fast. Instead, monitor its operation and adjust its speed according to the terrain. For example, slow it down for better maneuverability if it’s working over an uneven lawn.
Learn some tips to fix your lawn mower


Now you know what causes your lawn mower to cut evenly. Follow our pro tips, and you can tackle this issue. 

With a powerful lawn mower, you can get your lawn-maintenance job done well. Happy mowing!

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