Why Does My Lawn Mower Leave A Strip Of Grass?


Homeowners who value a neatly trimmed lawn nail it relatively easy thanks to the creation of lawnmowers, but even the high-end models can break down sometimes, creating strips of grass, for example.

So, why does my lawn mower leave a strip of grass? Even though there are several potential causes for uneven mowing, the most likely reasons for the grass being left in strips are operator issues with the mower’s blades, deck, and users’ technical errors.

Read on to discover the most frequent mowing problems and the steps you may take to prevent them next time. Get the ball rolling!

How to minimize the grass strip when mowing

Why Does My Lawn Mower Leave A Strip Of Grass?

Multiple reasons, including the engine’s speed, poor blades, deck issues, and user mistakes, can get involved regarding the strip of grass caused by the mower.

Speed Problems

When the engine is underperforming, it may create streaks on the ground. While you notice the grass lumpy-bumpy wherever you mow, check out the speed. High-speed blades are only necessary for a clean, new cut on harsher grass types.

It’s simple to slow down the engine speed on the mower by adjusting the throttle as instructed in the manual. When something isn’t working, you can add more power.

Wrong-Size Blades

If you recently changed the blades, you may have bought the wrong size and still see missed grass streaks along your grass track.

Before you order new blades, consult your supplier’s guide to help you avoid picking the wrong type. Indeed, they provide all the details you require regarding the lawn mower’s setup, including your blade size, to enable you to choose the right blade.

Faulty Or Dull Blades

Your blade could be dull

A broken or misaligned cutting blade is the primary cause of grass clumps left by lawnmowers.

Once you notice uncut grass during mowing, examine your blade to see whether they are curled, nicked, or blunted. Quickly take dull blades out and sharpen them all. Still, you only have one option once your blades are bent or damaged: replace them.

Blunt blades might harm your grass’s health and make your lawn appear uneven. Your grass’s tips become discolored and turn an unhealthful shade of yellow. Also, dead grass and lawn illnesses can all stem from this issue.

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Deck Issues

Damaged or uneven decks won’t support to keep the blades straight, leading them to cut at an angle instead. To this end, check whether the deck sits straight with a bubble level. 

If this does not work, you can try correcting the level, ensuring each tire is properly inflated, or inspecting the deck for any severe harm.

User Error

Stepped cutting can sometimes occur due to users’ technical mistakes, despite being less often. 

More than that, the user not effectively maintaining the device is more to blame for this. For instance, if one of the tires is low or flat, the cut may be uneven.

Low-Quality Devices

Lawnmowers age and may require parts replacement, including tires, wheels, blades, belts, etc. 

Ensure you buy a new one directly from a company or trustworthy retailer to guarantee you have suitable parts.

Pinpoint the root causes of a faulty lawnmower

How Can I Prevent My Mower From Leaving Stripes In Grass?

Sharpen & Replace Blades Frequently

Mower blades get progressively duller the more you use them. Rough cuts and unsightly lines can be created by dull or warped blades. At least once or twice each mowing season, use a grinder to sharpen your blades to prevent leaving stripes in your lawn.

Any neighborhood hardware store will sell these grinders. Be sure to consider your intended use when selecting a grinder. Most landscapers prefer a qualified angle grinder. The cost of an angle or tabletop grinder can vary from $15 to $100.

Keep an eye on any additional harm your blades may have sustained. Change your blades if you detect any evidence of warping, bending, or indentations. Typically, blade replacement should be done every four seasons.

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Overlap Rows

Each row should be overlapped to avoid lines being left behind in the yard. 

Overlap the rows by several inches to hinder leaving uncut lines between them. You should mow where your tires were since there might be missed lines under the tires though you can’t see them.

Hire An Expert

Anyone having trouble getting a lawn without lines may hire a professional landscaper. Landscaper services like ABC Home and Commercial view lawn maintenance as art. 

The landscapers at ABC take good care of their tools and overlap their mowing patterns, offering extra services to keep their grass in good shape from season to season.

As such, you can remove the burden of having unattractive columns and lines on your lawn thanks to an experienced landscaper.

Hire a professional if needed


Can Lawn Mowers Cut Thick Or Long Grass?

Yes. The maximum height setting for lawnmowers is typically 4 inches. 

Still, by positioning a lawn mower as high as possible, you may cut grass up to 6 – 8 inches tall. You must first use a weed trimmer on grass taller than 8 inches.

How Do You Know If Your Lawn Is Too Long To Mow?

A basic guideline states that the grass height should be about 2-1/2 inches to maintain cool-season grass. In addition, you should never mow more than a third of the grass length with each mow. 

A suitable time to mow your lawn is, therefore, when it is around 3-2/3 inches in height.

Does Tall Grass Damage Lawn Mowers?

Yes. Long grass could overwhelm your mower and make the blades tarnish more rapidly. 

After cutting the long grass, the leftover clippings are similarly longer. From there, the clippings’ volume is greater and more complex to be handled.

Can You Ruin A Lawn Mower?

Yes. If you do these things, your mower will break soon:

  • Mow things that aren’t grass
  • Forget to check the oil timely
  • Let the mower get clogged
  • Leave old fuel in the tank
  • Leave the battery connected for an extended period, such as over winter

The Bottom Line

Why does my lawn mower leave a strip of grass? Now that you grab the answer utterly. There is plenty of upkeep involved in having a lawn to keep your attractive lawn evenly cut, glossy, and healthy.

On top of that, before making any adjustments to your lawnmower, double-check the specs in the owner’s manual.

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