How Do You Secure A Lawn Mower From Theft? Easy Solutions

The lawn mower is a valuable asset that homeowners usually put in their backyards. This practice makes the mowers susceptible to thieves, who could make a ton of money from selling your mower. 

Thieves breaking into your house or garden pose tremendous security risks and dangers. Therefore, it’s critical to protect your lawn mower from theft. 

How do you secure a lawn mower from theft? I will introduce some simple and effective methods to tackle thieves and protect your mower securely.

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How Do You Secure A Lawn Mower From Theft?

It would be best if you kept the lawn mower inside the house. If you have to leave it outside, try to hide the machine and secure it with the lock-up storage box, CCTV, or padlocks. 

The lawn mower comes at significantly high costs, and it would be a great loss for any owner if the thieves steal the machine. Therefore, it would be best if you place the machine inside a garage or your house. 

However, moving the lawn mower and taking it inside is inconvenient due to many reasons. You have to disassemble and clean the machine, so it doesn’t make your house dirty. 

If you have no choice but to leave the mower outside your house, follow the safety tips and measures below. Though they cannot ensure that your mower is completely safe, they can tackle and minimize the risks of stealing.

Don’t Make Your Mower Visible To Thieves

Theft Prevention Tips For Lawn Equipment

Ensure you leave the mower near your door or window where you can observe it frequently. If you go out, put your mower inside rather than in the garden.

It only takes seconds for the thieves to take off their vehicles and bring the mower away. They prioritize push and small mowers, which can be moved easily. 

When you don’t use the mower, please store it in a secure garage or locked shed.

Make sure to leave your mower and the other equipment in an open truck or a locking bed, which are favorite targets of thieves. 

If you frequently put the mower outside, customize it with unique marks and colors to make the machine less obvious to spot.

Then, you can hide the machine in the corner, making it less attractive to theft. 

In addition, please take a picture of your machine and record its serial number carefully. Don’t throw away the purchase receipt either, because you will need it when the machine is stolen. 

Extra Measures To Secure Your Mower From Theft

  1. Using Padlocks: Securing the mowers with padlocks is the most convenient and reliable way to protect your assets. Using this tool, you can link the mower to a heavy or unmovable object. 
  2. Security Light: There are security lights that will illuminate when someone moves your mower. These tools are very effective in tackling and making thieves get cold feet during the night. 
  3. CCTV: Installing CCTV can help you keep track of everything happening in your garden. Ensure that your CCTV is visible to thieves so they will linger before entering your property. 
  4. Install An Alarm: You can invest a little more money in buying a padlock with an alarm. It will create loud noises when someone tries to move or break the padlock, which will scare the thieves. 
  5. GPS Tracking Devices: You can attach small GPS tracking devices to track the positions of your assets via smartphone. They will help you find your assets back if they are stolen. 
  6. Insurance: If you have an expensive or brand-new lawn mower, I recommend you purchase theft insurance. It will cover your loss and prepare you for the worst scenarios. 

A CCTV Can Help

Is Lawnmower Theft A Thing?

Yes, there are many professional thieves that frequently target garden equipment and lawnmowers. These items come at high prices, making them the ideal target for people with bad intentions. 

In addition, the garden equipment is often left outside and unprotected by the owners. The thieves just need to lurk around on their vehicles to look for targets and take away your assets in seconds. 

Is A Lawn Mower Covered On Homeowners Insurance?

The answer is yes. All types of mowers are covered by the homeowner’s insurance, which falls into the personal property section. It means that the insurance providers need to cover the mowers’ loss and damage. 

However, the insurance companies may not have to pay for all the cost but a proportion of it. The cover limits typically range between 1000 and 2500 dollars, but a high-quality lawn mower can cost significantly more money. 

Do People Steal The Robotic Lawnmowers ?

Though the number of reported cases of stolen robotic lawnmowers is very low, there’s still a slight possibility. Most robotic lawn mowers come with advanced security features, just minimizing the risks of robbery or stealing. 

However, some high-tech and professional thieves can still pass the security blocks and steal your robotic lawnmowers. Therefore, don’t underestimate the risks and always protect your assets carefully. 

Even if you have a robotic lawnmower, it’s advisable to store the device inside the house. It will protect the mower from thieves and weather elements.

Do Lawnmowers Have The Anti-Theft Feature ?

It depends on the type of mower. The old-generation devices with lower price ranges don’t have any anti-theft features, and they require a key to turn on. 

Meanwhile, high-tech or robotic lawn mowers come with advanced security features like alarms or movement detection.

I recommend you invest more money in these devices to minimize the risks.

Thieves Usually Target Garden Equipment

Final Thoughts

In summary, you should store your mower inside the house or in a locked garage to minimize the risks of theft.

If you leave it outside, install the secure padlocks, alarms, CCTV, and GPS to protect the machine better. 

It would be a severe experience to see your valuable assets stolen away. Therefore, never underestimate the risks of thieves and always utilize the best protective measures to secure the machine. 

If you have an expensive lawn mower, don’t hesitate to invest a little money on theft insurance. Thank you for reading!

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