Honda Vs. John Deere Lawn Mower: Which Is Better?

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Using the wrong lawn mower may ruin your day and the grass. Choosing the right mower is essential, which makes your cutting experience more pleasing. 

If you are looking for a lawn mower but unsure which model to buy, you can consider Honda vs. John Deere lawn mower. 

What are the differences between these types? Which is suitable for your needs? Let’s dive into this article to answer these questions!

Honda And John Deere Lawn Mower Overview

Before comparing and contrasting Honda and John Deere lawn mowers, let’s overview them. 

Honda lawn mower

Honda mowers are one of the most popular brands on the market. You can easily see them in several DIY centers, gardens, or home improvement shops. 

This brand provides many great walk-behind mowers designed to reduce cutting time and make the grass good-looking. 

Each year, Honda manufactures roughly 500,000 lawnmowers. Also, you can see their products in several countries worldwide, like China, Australia, or Europe. 

The line of Honda lawnmowers is well-known for its premium engines, especially the Honda HRN 166-cc. It’s famous for its powerful engine, big discharge bag, and rapid self-propulsion. 

Furthermore, Honda produces gas mowers with cutting-edge propulsion systems, plastic and steel decks, and mulching capabilities.

The lawn mowers of this famous brand are available in four primary categories: HRN, HRS, HRC, and HRX.

Honda mower

John Deere lawn mower

John Deere provides a broad series of mowers, from homes, to serve everyone from homes to professionals and business customers.

This brand has an outstanding reputation for producing exceptional quality mowers, despite being better known for agricultural equipment.

Their products range from zero-turn lawn mowers and residential riding models to commercial types. John Deere lawn mowers also have the latest models with several features and options. 

The two main categories include walk-behind and tractor lawnmowers. Each of these types is available in several sub-categories. 

John Deere mower

What Are The Differences Between Honda And John Deere Lawn Mowers?

Both Honda and John Deere mowers provide outstanding features and various models. So, what are the most significant differences to select between them? 

Please look at the table below for a brief comparison:

Honda lawn mower John Deere lawn mower
Engine Gas-operated engines (4.8 – 5.6 hp) Briggs & Stratton engines (17.5 – 24 hp)
Deck width 21 inches 60 inches
Mowing height 0.75 – 3 inches 1 – 4 inches
Fuel type & capacity Gasoline/1.5 liters Diesel or gasoline/9 liters
Bag capacity  2.5 bushels 6.5 bushels

Let’s keep reading to uncover!


Before buying a mower, it’s essential to consider the engine first. You will find it hard to mow the grass properly without a robust engine. 

Horsepower (hp) is the unit of measurement for lawn mower engines. A bigger engine means a more powerful mower.

While Honda mowers use gas-operated engines (4.8 – 5.6 hp), John Deere utilizes Briggs & Stratton engines (17.5 – 24 hp) for these machines. 

Honda mower engineers are more long-lasting. Hence, you don’t need to replace them very often. 

John Deere machines provide greater horsepower, requiring more fuel to run. Therefore, their engines are not durable and require regular replacement. 


Deck Width

The size of the deck of a lawn mower shows you how rapidly you can mow the grass. Most Honda mowers feature NeXite decks (long-lasting polymer substance) of 21 inches.

Most mower models of John Deere have a size of 42 – 60 inches. Although John Deere models come with more expansive decks, they may get less nimble. So, you may find navigating and cutting small grass in flower beds challenging. 

Mowing Height 

Besides the sizes of the mower decks, you must consider the cutting height, which is the grass height after mowing. 

Most Honda mowers come with adjustable mowing height. The typical range is from 0.75 – 3 inches. However, the recommended size is around 1 – 3 inches if you want a nice green lawn. 

The cutting height on most John Deere can also be adjustable. Depending on your preferences, you can modify the grass height from 1 – 4 inches. 

John Deere machines offer a broader cut, which means they can mow more grass within a pass than Honda ones. 

Mowing height

Fuel Type & Capacity

While several modern mowers run on battery, Honda uses gas-powered machines, which mainly have 1.5-liter tanks. 

However, the fuel type of John Deere mowers is a bit diverse. They are powered by diesel or gasoline. They mainly feature 9-litter tanks. 

As a result, these models can offer tremendous power, run a more extended period with a tank, and require no recharge. 

Bag Capacity

Most Honda lawn mowers use a bagger of 2.5 bushels when mentioning bag capacity. On the other hand, John Deere machines have double baggers of 6.5 bushels, meaning they can hold more grass than their counterparts. 

Bag capacity 

Which Lawn Mower Is The Best For You?

It may be relatively difficult to answer this question directly since these machines have benefits and drawbacks.

As a result, the final verdict depends on your requirements and preferences. 

For instance, if you need a potent engine to trim your large garden, investing in John Deere mowers with better bag capacity and mowing height is better. 

This brand provides many machines with different versions and features. Therefore, you can discover the best-suited one for your needs and interests.

On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with Honda machines if you plan to cut a small yard. Their engines are long-lasting.

Also, they don’t require regular fuel loading. Besides, smaller decks allow you to navigate and trim grass in your flower beds easily. 

The final verdict


Is Honda A Good Brand For Lawn Mowers?

The short answer is Yes! Below are the main reasons why you should invest in a Honda mower:

  • It features a twin-blade system to produce smaller clippings, which means mulching and bagging are better than other models. 
  • Its engine brings reliable and fuel-efficient power. 
  • It causes less annoying noise.
  • It boasts a roto-stop blade system, meaning you can stop its blade while its engine still works when turning off its handle. 

Who Makes The Most Reliable Riding Mower? 

It’s John Deere! Riding lawn mowers is relatively expensive. Thus, customers always want to seek durable models. 

According to Consumer Reports, John Deere receives an excellent rating for their reliability. Besides this brand, you can consider Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, Simplicity, Troy-Bilt, and Snapper. These big names get good reliability ratings. 

What Is The Average Life Of A John Deere Lawn Mower? 

Typically, these mowers may last from 8 to 10 years, which is nearly equal to 5000 hours. You can extend the lifespan of these mowers by providing them with proper and regular maintenance. 

The Bottom Line

This article shows you the main differences between Honda and John Deere lawn mowers. If you have a small yard, it’s best to opt for Honda machines. On the other hand, John Deere models are more suitable for a more extensive lawn.

The final verdict is up to you!

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