Can You Store a Lawn Mower Vertically? The Exact Answer Is Here!

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The big size and multiple components of a lawn mower make it difficult to store. Hence, some homeowners choose to keep it upright to save space.

But can you store a lawn mower vertically? We will explore the ins and outs of this method in this guide. So, let’s discover the potential of vertical storage for lawn mowers!

Can You Store a Lawn Mower Vertically?

The answer depends on what type of lawn mower you use. For example, storing a gas-power lawn mower upright is not a good idea. Yet, you won’t have any issues when storing an electric or battery-power model that way. 

When storing your lawn mower vertically, you must deal with the oil leakage. Yet, gas or battery-powered machines are suitable for vertical storage.  

Gas-Powered Lawn Mower

The most significant issue with a gas-powered lawn mower is that it has fuel tanks and carburetors. These components are supposed to work with the mower in a horizontal position. 

As a result, turning the gas-powered lawn mower upright will cause the fuel to overflow from the fuel cap. Besides, the oil in the cylinder may leak through various parts, such as the dipstick or governor shaft. 

Other potential problems with vertical storage include damage to the air filter, improper filling of the oil, difficulty starting, and excessive fuming.  

Electric and Battery-Powered 

Can you store a lawn mower upright? Yes, if you are using an electric or battery-powered model. These lawn mowers don’t have oil or fuel tanks. Hence, you can store them vertically without worrying about oil leakage. 

However, please note that not all of these models are suitable for vertical storage. Manufacturers may tell you how to store their products correctly. So, follow the guidelines to protect the machines.  

You can store battery-powered and electric lawn mowers vertically

Four-stroke vs. Two-stroke lawn mowers

For four-stroke lawn mowers, storing them upright can lead to issues. First, when flipped on the air filter side, the oil may flow into the air filter, preventing your lawn mower from drawing in and running correctly. 

Meanwhile, flipping the machine the other way causes the oil to travel to the muffler. Then, it will result in weak performance. You will also notice excessive smoke until the excess oil can burn off completely. 

If you use a four-stroke lawn mower, mowing it at steep angles may direct the oil in undesired directions. As a result, do not store or operate the four-stroke model vertically or on steep slopes. 

On the other hand, two-stroke mowers don’t have oil reservoirs. Instead, they rely on an oil/petrol mixture for lubrication. Hence, storing it vertically doesn’t cause issues. 

The lack of an oil reservoir in the two-stroke lawn mower means you can flip it onto its side. However, you must disconnect its spark plug before performing any maintenance tasks. 

This video will help compare a four-stroke vs. two-stroke lawn mower. So check it to understand more about them and learn how to use them properly:

Which Mowers Can Be Stored Vertically? 

Some manufacturers design lawn mowers to be stored vertically to save storage space. They can be gas, cordless, battery-powered, or electric mowers. 

For example, you can vertically store Snapper XD, a cordless model. Besides, an electric lawn mower, like Scotts Outdoor 50620S, is also suitable for this storage method. 

Each lawn mower model may have specific requirements for vertical storage. Thus, it is crucial to review the storage suggestions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer. 

Furthermore, there is a difference between old and new lawn mowers when storing:

  • Old lawn mowers: Even when these machines are suitable for vertical storage, their deteriorated gaskets may lead to fuel leakage. Hence, you must regularly inspect your old mower to ensure proper functioning. 
  • New lawn mowers: Brand-new models don’t have fuel or oil in their tanks. Hence, you can store them vertically without concern for potential damage. 
Some lawn mower models are suitable for vertical storage

Tips For Storing Lawn Mowers Vertically 

So vertical storage is a viable option for your lawn mower. But you need to take caution before hanging it on the wall. Here are some pro tips to keep in mind:

  • If your lawnmower has leaked oil before, it’s not suitable for this storage method. In this case, good seals are crucial to prevent oil from leaking and causing damage. 
  • Gas caps on mowers are not airtight. The breathers may allow oxygen to enter the petrol tank. Hence, storing your mower with a full tank of gas may create a vacuum and stall the machine. To tackle this problem, you need to tighten the petrol cap securely and use up excess fuel before storing. 
  • If your lawn mower has handles, pay attention to the throttle cable that runs down the handle. You may accidentally damage the cable. 
  • You may worry about vertical storage affecting the air filter. So, consider removing it before storage. Yet, ensure not misplace or lose the filter. 
  • If you store your lawn mower outside, use a shed to protect it. Without the shed, the machine may encounter many potential risks.  
Learn how to store your lawn mower correctly


So the answer to the question, “Can you store a lawn mower vertically?” is both a yes and a no. Gas-powered mowers generally pose challenges due to potential fuel and oil leakages. However, electric and battery-powered mowers give the green light for vertical storage.

Also, remember to check the manufacturer’s guidelines. Then, consider specific design modifications for upright storage.

Hopefully, you can maximize your storage space while keeping your beloved lawn mower in great shape. If you need any further information, do not hesitate to reach us.

Thank you for reading!

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