Can I Hang My Lawnmower On The Wall? Here’s The Answer You Need

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The lawnmower is quite space-consuming due to its large size and heavy components. Therefore, finding a cool and dry spot to store your mower may be challenging if you don’t have a spacious garage. 

So, many users have chosen to hand their mowers on the wall. Can I hang my lawnmower on the wall? This post has the answer you are looking for. 

I will provide you with some additional helpful tips to store and maintain your mower. Check them out to keep your machine in the finest condition!

Can I Hang My Lawnmower On The Wall?

The answer is Yes. You can hang the mower on the wall without any problem.

However, you must use durable and suitable mounting hardware to hang your mower on the wall, or its footprint will sage. 

Overall, it’s pretty safe and effective to hang your mower on the wall, especially if you have a small garage. However, there are some safety measures and notes you should consider to avoid damaging the machine. 

The hanging hardware you use must be durable enough to support the heavy weight of your mower. I recommend using hooks or brackets that are designed specifically for hanging heavy objects. 

In addition, the wall surface must be strong enough to hold the mower’s weight without scratching or sagging down. If you don’t distribute the weight evenly, both the wall and mower will get damaged. 

If you use low-quality hooks or brackets, the risk of your mower falling down is very high. It costs a lot of time and money to repair a broken mower, and don’t forget the damaged wall.

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Be Careful Of The Mower’s Weight

How Often Should You Clean A Lawn Mower? 

Clean the mower after every use if you have sufficient time. The dead grass and debris accumulating inside the machine will slowly damage its surface and decrease the mower’s performance. 

If you don’t have much time, cleaning the mower at least once a week is fine. In addition, you should maintain the mower and inspect its components once a year to prevent unnecessary damage or errors. 

Some essential maintenance tasks are sharpening the blades, checking the spark plug, and renewing the air filter. Also, you should replace the components that have deteriorated in quality. 

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Should You Clean The Underside Of The Lawn Mower? 

Many people clean the mower to make them look more beautiful, and they often skip the machine’s underside. This is a detrimental habit for any mower because you need to keep the machine’s underside clean. 

The grass and debris will accumulate underneath your mower, causing its components and surface to deteriorate in quality. Therefore, it’s critical to clean the underside of your mower. 

My favorite method for cleaning the mower’s underside is using a hose or a brush to remove the dead grass. If the stubborn grass clings to your mower, use a sharp knife and carefully remove them.

Inspect The Machine Regularly

How Do I Make My Mower Deck Non-Stick? 

The methods to make your mower deck non-stick can be as simple as cleaning it regularly using a wash kit. Here are some effective ways to do it. 

Step 1: Cleaning Your Mower Deck

The dead grass and dirt building up on the mower deck will make it sticky and hard to clean. Therefore, you should not leave your mower deck uncleaned for too long to maintain its beautiful surface. 

Step 2: Using A Wash Kit

Many mower manufacturers usually include a wash kit when you purchase their products. If you don’t have a kit, consider purchasing one from online retail websites or local stores. 

A kid typically includes one hose and one cleaning solution that works excellently with the mower deck. You can utilize this kit to make your cleaning process easier and more efficient. 

Step 3: Using A Silicone Spray

If your mower comes with a non-stick coating offered by the manufacturer, apply it to the machine. If you don’t have one, use a silicone spray as an alternative option. 

Most silicone sprays make your mower deck non-stick in a certain time period. After applying the solution, use a clean piece of cloth to remove the excess. 

What Can I Spray On My Mower Deck To Keep Grass From Sticking? 

The most popular method is using cooking spray, which can effectively prevent dirt and grass from building up on your mower deck. 

Just a layer of cooking spray is sufficient to protect your mower deck effectively. 

Meanwhile, the mower manufacturer’s recommendation is to use a deck wash solution. The deck wash solutions are designed specifically for mowers, which can break down stubborn grass or debris clinging to the deck. 

If you can’t find both of these options, the furniture polish or car wax solution are some excellent alternative choices. However, you should follow the product’s instructions carefully to avoid damaging the mower.

Clean Your Mower After Every Use

What Can I Use To Clean My Lawn Mower Blades? 

I prefer cleaning my mower blades with a simple soap and warm water mixture. It saves me tremendous time and money since I clean my mower after every use. 

If you want to enhance the cleaning effect, use the special cleaning solutions designed for mowers. They can effectively remove the dirt and debris clinging to the machine and give it a more beautiful appearance. 

Whatever solution you use, remember to wipe the machine with a clean towel before using it. Also, don’t forget to rinse the blades after cleaning. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, you can hang your lawnmower on the wall. However, you should use durable hanging tools that are strong enough to support the machine’s weight and avoid damaging the wall surface. 

You should be extra careful when hanging the mower because it can fall down and get broken. I hope the answer provided can satisfy you.

Thank you for reading!

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