Why Does My Trimmer Line Keep Coming Out?

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Struggling with your trimmer line constantly coming out? Believe me, I’ve been there too. From my own experience and extensive research, it’s clear to say that the issue often stems from winding the string incorrectly or allowing it to tangle easily.

In this blog post, we will delve into why this problem occurs in different trimmers like Black+Decker or Ryobi and how you can fix it effectively. Ready for a smoother trimming experience? Let’s unravel this together!

Key Takeaways

  • Winding the trimmer line incorrectly or allowing it to tangle easily can cause it to constantly come out.
  • Common causes of this issue include a broken or worn – out cap, missing or damaged spring, and incorrect installation of the trimmer line.
  • To fix the problem, replace any broken or worn – out caps, check for missing or damaged springs and replace if necessary, and ensure proper installation of the trimmer line.

Common Causes of Trimmer Line Keep Coming Out Issues

There are several common causes of trimmer line keep coming out issues, including a broken or worn-out cap, missing or damaged spring, and incorrect installation of the trimmer line.

Broken or worn-out cap

As a seasoned lawn owner, you’ll probably agree that trimmer maintenance is crucial for optimum yard care. One of the common culprits behind your trimmer line consistently popping out could be a broken or worn-out cap.

The cap plays a pivotal role in securely holding and dispensing the trimmer line during operation; hence, undetected damages to it can result in continuous feeding, causing your trimmer line to keep coming out.

Regular inspection of this component not only helps identify early signs of wear but also prevents unwanted interruptions while you spruce up your lawn. So next time before revving up that engine, ensure to give that cap a once-over!

Missing or damaged spring

Dealing with a trimmer line that keeps coming out can be frustrating. If you’ve been asking “why does my trimmer line keep coming out?”, it could be due to a missing or damaged spring.

This component plays an essential part in ensuring your spool returns correctly after each spin, helping control the feed and length of your trimmer line for optimal operation.

In situations where the spring is malfunctioning or has gone missing, the automatic feeding process goes awry, resulting in excessive trimming line being spit out. Your trimmer might essentially turn into a rapid-eating machine that consumes more line than necessary during its operation.

It’s similar to having a ‘hunger’ mode that won’t turn off because the mechanism that tells it to stop -in this case, the spring- is not working right.

So next time you wonder “why does my strimmer line keep breaking?”, check on your device’s spring and ensure it’s well-functioning and intact. It might just save you from wasting more trimmer lines unnecessarily.

Incorrect installation of trimmer line

Incorrect installation of the trimmer line is a common cause of it continuously feeding out. If you’ve noticed that your trimmer line keeps coming out, this could be the underlying issue.

It’s vital to make sure your trimmer head has just the right amount of string and isn’t twisted around the spool or melted together – these are mistakes people often make during installation.

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “Why does my strimmer line keep breaking?” then check if you’ve properly wound it into place as this could prevent breakage and other complications such as wrapping around the shaft or not feeding out properly.

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Why does my strimmer line keep breaking?

How to Fix Trimmer Line Keep Coming Out

To fix the issue of trimmer line constantly coming out, start by replacing any broken or worn-out cap on the trimmer head. Then, check for any missing or damaged spring in the spool and replace it if necessary.

Lastly, make sure to properly install the trimmer line, ensuring that it is tightly wound and not tangled.

Replace broken or worn-out cap

One possible reason why your trimmer line keeps coming out is a broken or worn-out cap. The cap is an essential component that holds the trimmer line in place, and when it becomes damaged or worn down over time, it can cause the line to come loose during operation.

This issue may be especially prevalent if you have been using your trimmer for an extended period without replacing any parts. To resolve this problem, simply replace the broken or worn-out cap with a new one.

Doing so will ensure that the trimmer line stays securely in place while you’re working on your lawn.

Replace missing or damaged spring

If you’re wondering why your trimmer line keeps coming out, one possible cause could be a missing or damaged spring. The spring is an essential component that helps to ensure proper tension and feeding of the trimmer line.

When the spring is worn-out or gone entirely, it can lead to issues with the line not advancing correctly. Fortunately, replacing a missing or damaged spring is relatively straightforward.

You can typically find replacement springs online or at your local hardware store. Just make sure to refer to your trimmer’s manual for instructions on how to safely remove and replace the spring without causing any further damage.

Properly install trimmer line

To ensure that your trimmer line stays in place and feeds properly, it is crucial to install it correctly. Start by confirming the orientation of the spool, making sure that you are feeding the line in the right direction.

Then, carefully wrap the line clockwise around the spool, keeping it snug but not too tight. It’s important to avoid any overlapping or crossing of the lines as this can cause tangling and prevent proper feeding.

Once you have wrapped the line on the spool, secure both ends by inserting them into their designated holes or notches. This will keep everything in place during operation and prevent any unwanted unraveling.

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In conclusion, if your trimmer line keeps coming out, there are a few common causes that you should check for. These include broken or worn-out caps, missing or damaged springs, and incorrect installation of the trimmer line.

To fix this issue, make sure to replace any faulty parts and properly install the trimmer line. Taking these steps will help ensure smooth and efficient trimming without any interruptions.


1. Why does my trimmer line keep coming out?

There are several potential reasons why your trimmer line keeps coming out. It could be due to a worn or damaged trimmer head, incorrect installation of the line, using an incompatible line diameter, or excessive wear and tear on the line itself.

2. How can I prevent my trimmer line from coming out?

To prevent your trimmer line from coming out, make sure you are using the correct size and type of line recommended by the manufacturer. Ensure that it is properly installed and secured in the trimmer head. Avoid striking hard objects like rocks or concrete with the cutting head as this can cause damage to the line.

3. What should I do if my trimmer line keeps getting tangled or breaking?

If your trimmer line keeps getting tangled or breaking, try adjusting the speed and technique at which you are trimming. Avoid forcing the trimmer into dense vegetation and instead use a slower, sweeping motion to cut through grass and weeds. Additionally, regularly inspect and replace worn-out or damaged parts such as spools or cutting heads.

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