Should I Change My Lawn Mower Oil After The Winter?


Winterizing your lawn mower is the best way to protect it against harsh temperatures. But what do you need to do after the season? 

Many people send us a lot of questions about that topic, like “Should I change my lawn mower oil after the winter?” Hence, we will discuss it in this guide. You can also find out some tips to winterize the machine properly. Let’s dive in! 

Should I Change My Lawn Mower Oil After The Winter? 

Yes. Without working during the winter, the oil in your lawn mower will also interact with gasoline and oxygen. Then, it will start to oxidize and form gummy debris. Hence, you need to change the oil at the end of the season. 

The oil lasts far longer underground than in a little lawnmower or a low-performance motor. The useful lifespan of lawn mower oil will reduce significantly due to repeated cooling and heating. 

You must also ensure to examine the oil each time you run it. The frequency of oil changes may depend on some harsh conditions, such as the winter’s freezing temperatures. 

As a result, you need to check the oil level carefully after storing the mower during the winter.

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You should change the lawn mower oil after the winter

Is It Bad To Leave Gas In A Lawnmower Over Winter?

Yes. Your lawn mower may experience severe long-term harm if you leave gas in it over the winter. In the worst case, the machine will become inoperable in the spring. 

Leaving gas in a lawn mower during the winter results in tons of problems. Here are a few of the most common ones: 

  • The moisture from the gas accumulates in the machine, causing internal corrosion. 
  • Once the gas has expired, the mower won’t start. 
  • The mower with old gas will stutter and run poorly. 

Moreover, when these problems happen simultaneously, the machine will finally break down. You may have to repair it at a high expense or throw it away. 

So be careful with the expired gas. Often, gas without preservatives starts to degrade after 30 to 90 days. Regular gas has a longer lifespan of three to six months. However, it differs depending on the environment.

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The gas that has expired is dangerous to the engine

Is It OK To Leave Oil In A Mower Over Winter?

Yes. You may leave some oil in your lawn mower during the winter, but it must be brand-new. Old oil has moisture, soot, gasoline, and acids that may corrode some internal components of the mower. 

If you plan to change the oil in your lawn mower, ensure to run it for a while to cover all the elements in the fresh, clean oil.

Besides, for the best performance of the lawn mower, only give it the correct type of oil. Some oils lack the necessary ingredients to clean up the engine properly, degrading its efficiency.

The oil must be new

Do I Need To Change Oil After Winter? 

Yes. As aforementioned, you need to change the mower oil after winter. Harsh temperatures and external elements in the storage room will degrade the oil, making it necessary to replace it. 

Changing oil is a standard maintenance method. Hence, you should have a dipstick or hour meter to help you with this task. 

How Do I Service My Lawn Mower After Winter?

After the winter, your lawn mower isn’t ready to work. So please follow these steps to service it. 

Clean the mower

You can use boiling water to clean the dirt and remove corrosion signs. The terminals must be clean and nice. 

Then, charge your machine. A battery charger will be the easiest and fastest way to do it. 

Check the carburetor condition

If the carburetor gets clogged or dirty, the engine won’t start. So take your time to clean it and ensure it’s in good shape. 

Fill the gas tank

A lawn mower typically needs one gallon of gas to work. If there isn’t enough gas in the tank, give it some. 

Check the spark plug

A faulty spark plug will prevent the whole system from working. Hence, after storing your machine for months, check this part carefully. 

If you see a lot of grease and dirt on the plug, consider replacing it. The replacement can be costly, so remove and inspect it before heading for the store. 

Replace the air filter

A dirty air filter is a common problem for lawn mowers after you store them for a long time. This replacement task is messy and tricky. Hence, we recommend having a mechanic do it for you. 

This video shows you how to replace the air filter in your lawn mower correctly:

Change the oil

It would be best to fuel your lawn mower with cold start oil. After getting it from your local store, pour it into the tank while the machine runs. This step will aid in lubricating the cylinder, making it function smoothly.

How to prepare the machine before starting it

When Should You Start Mowing Your Lawn Again After Winter?

We can’t tell you the exact date for when to begin lawn mowing due to the continuous climate change. This phenomenon constantly changes the dates the weather warms up.

However, it should be OK to start mowing the lawn after the temperature has increased to at least 5°C for a few weeks.

The weather is crucial in deciding when to cut the lawn after winter. For instance, you shouldn’t treat the grass when it’s still covered with snow. 


It’s necessary to change the oil of your lawn mower after winter. Also, check for other components to ensure your machine can work smoothly. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn the best ways to deal with the winter. For any further information, give us a message. We will reply to you soon. 

Thank you for reading!

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