Lawn Mower Vs. Scythe: Which Is Better For You?

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People have used their dependable scythes to trim their overgrown lawns and return their gardens to immaculate conditions for years.

With the development of technical science, mowing grass is much easier and more convenient with the introduction of lawn mowers. 

Lawn mower vs. scythe: Which is the best-suited machine for you? Read until the end of this article to get the final verdict. Let’s get started!

What Are The Differences Between Lawn Mower Vs. Scythe?

If you are confused between a lawn mower and a scythe, the following points will help you distinguish them!

Motorized/Hand Powered

A lawn mower has a motorized engine, significantly minimizing the physical labor needed when mowing the grass.

You only need to direct your machine around your yard, and your mower will cut the grass for you. 

However, grass-cutting with a scythe requires far more physical effort than regular lawn mowers.

Therefore, you must consider physical work carefully before buying a scythe and a lawn mower. 


Environmental Considerations

A gas mower contributes significantly to pollution. Your carbon footprint will grow if you use a battery-powered or electric machine. 

On the other hand, scythes run on your energy instead of fuel or oil. Therefore, they don’t cause much environmental impact. 

If you don’t want to pollute the environment when mowing your grass, it’s better to consider a scythe or a reel lawn mower. 

Dealing With Clippings

If you use a mower, you can opt for many options with the clippings. For instance, you can bag, collect, and discharge them. 

On the other hand, you can only choose one option. After cutting your yard, the clippings stay there. Thus, you must return and collect them, which takes extra time. 

Mowing Time

If you cut the grass using a scythe, it takes more time. The differences may not be too evident in small gardens. 

What happens if it’s a large area? Using a lawn mower to clean this big garden is better because it saves mowing time.


These machines may be dangerous for your children if you leave them unsupervised. 

Otherwise, these tools will be safe if you know what you want to do with them and control them completely. Generally, it depends on your supervision. 



Without a doubt, a lawnmower is much more convenient. Moreover, you can mow the grass effectively despite your poor technique. 

Besides, it’s easy for everyone to take this machine out of the shed, roll it in the yard, turn it up, and mow. It’s relatively simple!

Meanwhile, you must learn some basic skills and apply the appropriate technique to use your scythe. Otherwise, you can’t mow the grass properly. 


A lawn mower consists of many components with complicated construction. Therefore, it’s easy to go wrong. 

Generally, the average longevity of a mower is relatively shorter than a scythe. 


The level of upkeep needed for a mower varies significantly depending on the model you choose.

For instance, a reel mower requires little maintenance, while battery-powered and gas machines need regular upkeep. 

You must store gas, change the oil, properly charge, and store the batteries when you have a lawn mower. 

On the other hand, a scythe requires little maintenance than a mower. You only need to keep the blade sharp to ensure its efficiency.


In the last round, the winner is the scythe because it doesn’t need much storage space. 

If you use this tool for the first time, you can watch this video to know how to reassemble it:

While some mowers can be foldable to save the area, most still take up more space than their counterparts. 

Unless you have a reel lawn mower, you can hang it on the wall to minimize the warehouse footprint.


Lawn Mower Vs. Scythe: Comparison Table

You can look at the comparison table below to discover the main differences between a lawn mower and a scythe:

Lawn mowers Scythes
Power Motorized Hand-powered
Environmental considerations causing much environmental impact causing less environmental impact
Dealing with clippings Many options One option
Mowing time Shorter Longer
Safety Depending on your supervision. Depending on your supervision.
Convenience  More convenient  Less convenient
Lifespan Shorter Longer
Maintenance Regular maintenance Little maintenance
Storage Requiring much storage space Requiring less storage space

The Cost Of Owning A Lawn Mower Vs. Scythe

The price of your machine depends on the model you want to purchase. A lawn mower may cost between $115 and $3,070. 

On the other hand, the price of a scythe will also vary, depending on the cost of the handle and the blade ($45 to $100). 

In general, the initial cost of a scythe is relatively lower than a lawn mower. 

Moreover, carefully considering the above mentioned aspects is advisable to make the right decision. 

The average cost

Which One Is Right For You?

Although both pieces of equipment are excellent for maintaining a yard, choosing one depends on your needs.

A scythe can be ideal for you if you appreciate the physical strain of hard labor.

Furthermore, if you have a tight budget, you can consider a scythe because it’s much more affordable than a mower. 

Buying a scythe is also a good idea if your garden or yard has many obstacles. It can shave around bushes, trees, and ornaments. 

However, if you don’t have much free time, you should invest in a mower instead of a scythe, especially if you have a large yard. Besides, this machine can bring convenience, comfort, and extra features. 

Last but not least, if you have taller and wetter grasses, buying a scythe is best. However, a mower is better for cutting drier and shorter lawns. 

The final verdict


Is It Hard To Use A Scythe? 

The short answer is Yes! You must master some skills and techniques to use this tool correctly.

It would be best to practice regularly to have the right body movements while mowing the glass with this tool. 

Developing a simple sweeping technique helps reduce pain and suffering while protecting the back, which is crucial.

Do Farmers Still Use Scythes? 

While these tools are relatively ancient and have been replaced with modern mowers, some regions of Asia and Europe still use them. 

Final Thoughts

Both lawn mowers and scythes have benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, the final verdict depends on your requirements.

For instance, you can buy a scythe if you only need a tool to mow a small yard with less environmental impact and affordable price. 

However, if you have a larger garden and require more convenience, investing in a mower is a good idea. 

Hopefully, you will make the right decision after referring to our post! Thank you for reading!

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