Fuel-Injected Vs. Carbureted Lawn Mower: Which Is More Powerful?

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Before investing in a lawn mower, you must consider several factors, including the engine type. If you have researched this aspect, you may hear about the two familiar options: fuel-injected and carbureted engines. 

Which machine works better: a fuel-injected vs. carbureted lawn mower? Refer to this article to know their main differences, and you can pick the best-suited. 

Let’s get started!

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What’s The Difference Between Fuel Injected Vs. Carbureted Lawn Mower? 

These machines have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare these two lawn mowers based on the following features:

#1. Fuel Efficiency

The fuel injector is more efficient than a carburetor-based engine. You must constantly offer the right fuel amount when using the first-mentioned option. 

However, a machine with the carburetor can’t manage the precise fuel-air ratio depending on the engine condition. Thus, the wastage proportion is much more significant.

37 horsepower Electronically Fuel Injected twin cylinder air cooled engine

#2. Fuel Wastage

The machines with carburetors can’t effectively handle the right amount of fuel. As a result, fuel wastage may be considerably higher than fuel injectors. 

On the other hand, the fuel injector is more outstanding in this round. It doesn’t waste fuel since it can calculate the precise amount required. 

#3. Performance

Mowers with carburetors can’t accurately gauge the health of the engine. Thus, their performance is relatively lower than their counterparts.

Meanwhile, machines with fuel injectors can measure the motor state correctly. They calculate the pressure response, temperature, and RPM reading in reaction to the oil supply. Their overall efficiency is better. 

Besides, the ones with fuel injection systems have better performance than their counterparts. Hence, their lifespan is longer.  


#4. Longevity

Mowers with fuel injection systems are relatively outstanding. However, they have a shorter lifespan than the ones with carburetors. 

#5. Compatibility

The carburetors are much older than their counterparts. Therefore, these engines are not popular in diesel engine devices. 

On the other hand, fuel injection systems are familiar in petrol and diesel machines and all mechanical and electronic variations. 

Generally, fuel injection systems are much more versatile. They can be compatible with several types of devices. 


#6. Start

It’s simple to start a fuel-injected mower by pushing a button. It’s among the advanced features not all devices have. 

On the contrary, carburetor options don’t have this exceptional functionality. Thus, it takes time to operate.

#7. Maintenance

As fuel injection systems burn fuel more effectively, they require little maintenance. Also, it’s unnecessary to drain their tank before cold months. 

Dust specks might obstruct the chambers in mowers with carburetors. Thus, it will be best to clean them more regularly. 


#8. Price

The average price of machines with carburetors is more affordable. 

On the contrary, the complex components and many features make a lawn mower with a fuel injector more expensive. 

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Fuel Injected Vs. Carbureted Lawn Mowers: Comparison Table

You can check the comparison table below to see the main differences between these lawn mowers with different engines:

Features Fuel-Injected Lawn Mowers Carbureted Lawn Mowers
Fuel efficiency  Good Bad
Fuel waste Lower Higher 
Performance Higher Lower
Longevity Shorter Longer
Compatibility More versatile Less versatile
Start Faster Slower
Maintenance  Little More regularly
Price Expensive Affordable

If you are still confused between these options, let’s keep reading to know their benefits and drawbacks!

Pros And Cons Of Lawn Mowers With Fuel Injectors


  • Increased throttle response to provide more power
  • Low fuel emission and consumption 
  • Increased reliability
  • Little maintenance
  • Improved starting


  • Relatively expensive

Pros And Cons Of Lawn Mowers With Carburetors


  • Simple design
  • Economical manufacturing
  • Affordable spares 
  • Simple to service


  • Ineffective in measuring accurate air-fuel ratio
  • Can’t handle fuel wastage 
  • Take a long time to start

Pros and cons of the two options

The Cost Of Owning A Fuel Injected Vs. Carbureted Lawn Mower

The price of these mowers varies significantly, depending on the cost of the engine and other factors (manufacturers, models, or versions). 

Carburetors are significantly less expensive than fuel-injected machines. The second option includes complex parts with several features. 

A fuel injection system typically costs $200 while the carburetor price is only half. However, for the price, it provides all the required components. If you only want basic functions, you may get a mower with a carburetor.

On the other hand, if you desire more functionalities and flexibility, you may increase your money to purchase a lawn mower with a fuel injector.

Which Type Is Best For You? 

As you can see from the primary differences above, lawn mowers with fuel injectors win over carbureted machines. 

A superior air-fuel combination made possible by fuel injection leads to better fuel efficiency.

Generally, fuel-injected mowers often endure a long period. That’s because they consistently deliver high-quality efficiency. Thus, it’s best to opt for this option.

On the other hand, the carburetor has another big drawback: significantly reduced fuel economy and increased waste problems.

Furthermore, if any part of these machines stops working, you must wait to use it again until it’s fixed. 

The most significant benefit of these devices is the price of spare parts is relatively more affordable than their counterparts. 

The final verdict depends on your requirements, budgets, and preferences. Can you afford a more expensive model with outstanding features? If that’s the case, look no further than the one with a fuel injector.

However, going for carbureted mowers is acceptable if you have a tight budget and don’t require many exceptional features. 

Let’s watch this video before making the final decision:


Do Carbureted Engines Use More Fuel? 

The short answer is Yes! These engines can’t calculate the correct amount of fuel required for the mowers.

As a result, they don’t use fuel effectively. It increases fuel consumption and higher emissions with low power. 

Is Fuel Injected More Powerful?

Yes! The use of fuel injection is quickly displacing carburetor systems, thanks to its powerful performance and other exceptional features.

These engines deliver more torque and power than identical engines’ carbureted counterparts. Thus, they improve throttle responsiveness and fuel economy.

Most modern vehicles have this engine type. That’s because it offers benefits, including increased power, improved fuel efficiency, and little maintenance.

The Bottom Line

This article covered all aspects relating to the two types of lawn mowers with different engines.

The fuel injector is currently the most widely used with its high fuel economy and environmentally favorable properties.

Therefore, in this discussion, mowers with fuel injectors are the champions with exceptional features. 

However, the final verdict should still be up to you. After reading this post, we hope you can decide clearly and wisely. 

Thank you for reading!

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