2 Blade Vs. 4 Blade Lawn Mower – Which Should You Choose?

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The proper lawn mower may significantly affect how well you can care for your beautiful lawn. The choice between a 2-blade and a 4-blade lawn mower must be among the most important.

These lawn mowers are good at cutting grass. Yet, they differ in their power, maintenance, and other features. You need to consider carefully when selecting. 

This article will help you compare the 2-blade vs. 4-blade lawn mower side by side. Let’s check it out to determine the better machine for your lawn! 

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What Are 2 Blade And 4 Blade Lawn Mowers?

A lawn mower may have one to seven blades. 2-blade and 4-blade models are more popular than the other two. 

As you can see, the primary difference between these lawn mowers is their number of cutting blades. Yet, this feature affects other factors, including their power, speed, and cutting quality. 

So, we will introduce 2-blade and 4-blade lawn mowers by talking about how they differ. But first, let’s check this comparison table to picture their outstanding features.

Differences between 2-blade vs. 4-blade lawn mowers

2-Blade Lawn Mower 4-Blade Lawn Mower 
Power Less power More power 
Speed Faster Slower 
Cutting Quality Less precise More precise and even 
Maintenance  Easier and cheaper More complicated and expensive 
Suction Less suction  More suction 
Price Cheaper More expensive 


You have more blades when using a 4-blade lawn mower. Hence, you need to give it more power for the four blades to run simultaneously. 


Because of their lower power requirements, 2-blade mowers can run faster than 4-blade mowers. Moreover, fewer blades create less friction, allowing the machine to move faster.  

Cutting Quality

4-blade lawn mowers have more blades. It means that they can perform more cuts per revolution, leading to more precise and even cuts. 


More blades require more maintenance because you have more things to care for. Specifically, you’ll spend more time and money on sharpening and upkeeping four blades than on two blades. So, the maintenance cost will be higher.  


4-blade mowers could offer a minor advantage over 2-blade mowers in terms of suction. The extra blades improve air flow beneath the deck, which may aid in lifting and cutting the grass.

Yet, a mower’s suction power depends on other factors aside from the number of blades. For example, the engine size and deck construction will affect it. 


4-blade lawn mowers are more expensive in both the short term and long term. First, their initial cost will be higher because of the extra features. Then, you have to spend more on maintenance and repair costs.

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What Are The Pros And Cons of Using 2 Blade Or 4 Blade In A Lawn Mower?

Now you know all the significant features of 2-blade and 4-blade lawn mowers. It’s also essential to check their pros and cons before choosing the better one. 

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2-blade lawn mower


  • 2-blade lawn mowers are more lightweight, making them easier to carry around. 
  • These models require less power and maintenance. 
  • They come at a lower cost.
  • 2-blade mowers can run faster. 


  • The cutting quality is not as precise as the 4-blade mowers. 
  • The less power will make it hard to mow a large lawn. 

4-blade lawn mower


  • These mowers can perform more cuts per revolution. 
  • The suction is twice as good as their competitors. 
  • They work more powerfully. 


  • The extra features increase the cost. 
  • You will pay more for maintenance and repair. 
  • The machines run slowers because of the extra blades.

Consider the pros and cons carefully

Which Type Of Lawn Mower Blade Is Best For You?

The choice between 2-blade and 4-blade lawn mowers ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. The following tips will make your decision easier. 

Lawn size

If you have a small to medium lawn, a 2-blade mower will be enough. However, it can’t handle a big lawn. In this case, you need a more powerful machine, like the 4-blade lawn mower, to assist you. 


How often are you willing to maintain the machine? And how much can you pay for maintenance and repair? If price is your top concern, the 2-blade mower will be a better option. 


Although the 4-blade lawn mower is more powerful, its weight will cause a problem when you want to work on uneven terrain. Meanwhile, the 2-blade mower is more lightweight, making it simpler to carry around your lawn to cut grass.

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How to choose the best lawn mower for your needs


1. Are more blades really better? 

It depends on the type of mower, lawn size, and desired cutting height. More blades can give you finer cuts, but they will require more power to run. Furthermore, you may spend more on repairing and cleaning them

If you intend to work with short and thick grass, such as for sports fields, you may prefer a lawn mower with more blades. 

On the other hand, if you want to mow the grass on uneven terrain, the mower with fewer blades will be better because you can maneuver it easier.  

2. What is the optimum number of blades? 

There is no definite answer. For example, push reel lawn mowers often have four to seven blades, whereas rotary mowers mostly have two to four blades. 

Each type of lawn mower serves a different purpose. As a result, you need to consider your specific needs to opt for the features your desired mower should have.  

3. Should lawn mower blades be sharp like a knife? 

Mower blades should be sharp, but the sharpness must not be like knives. In general, you should touch it without getting injured. 

Some people think that razor-sharp edges will help cut the grass better. However, this opinion is not correct. Instead, sharp blades roll over and become chipped and nicked easily. 

In addition, the sharper blades get duller faster. As a result, you need to sharpen them more often. 


So which is your favorite, 2-blade or 4-blade lawn mower? The more blades will be more powerful, allowing you to handle a large lawn. However, they are more expensive to buy and maintain. 

Meanwhile, 2-blade lawn mowers are more lightweight, cheaper, and faster. They will be what you look for if you are on a limited budget. 

Have you picked up the best lawn mower for your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us for any help. 

Thank you for reading! 

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